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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Overhears Ned's Salacious Confession to Monica on General Hospital

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Briana Lane

Briana Lane

Brando tells SaSon that Cyrus wants to hire him. Sonny tells him to take the job. Jason mentions Cyrus' interest in Julian's pub. Sonny says he'll deal with Julian. 

Ava thinks Nikolas will play along with the fake divorce so she can get the letter from Ryan. Julian doesn't think Nikolas would do him any favors, but Ava tells him that she and Nikolas slept together.

Scotty meets with Nikolas and gives him the flash drive in exchange for a check. Nikolas warns him not to ask for any more money. 

Liz worries about the blackmail and any repercussions. Franco's just happy to get money to pay their bills. Cameron comes into the hospital, having cut his hand. While waiting to be checked out, Cameron admits to Franco that he and Joss kissed. Cameron says he also has feelings for Trina. 

Scotty goes to Ava for the money. She also gives him a check in exchange for the photos. Ava also warns him that he'll regret it if he comes looking for more money. Scotty gives Liz and Franco both checks. Friz tear up the checks, dumping the pieces on the floor. Ava comes by later and finds the piece with Nikolas' signature on it. 

Alexis continues to suck back on the vodka bottle while ignoring a call from Ned. Nikolas stops by asking Alexis if she has any leverage on Scotty. Nikolas admits that things have changed with Ava and doesn't want a divorce. 

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Brook Lynn shows up at the mansion, at Monica's urging, to make up with Ned. Monica says Tracy threatened to come home. Ned admits he overreacted, but feels Brook Lynn should have warned him that Valentin was coming after the company.

Brook Lynn says Valentin offered her the job at Deception in exchange for the shares. Brook Lynn also did it so Valentin could whip ELQ into shape, giving Ned a break. Ned says he was wrong kicking her out, but she should know family comes first. Monica thinks Ned is turning into Edward. 

Ned says Brook Lynn will continue to make the same mistakes if she's not careful. Brook Lynn gets angry and storms out. Monica chastises Ned, then their talk turns to his marriage to Olivia. Brook Lynn overhears Ned admit to Monica that he slept with Alexis.

Dev wants to spend time with Joss, but when she suggests they call Cameron and Trina, he makes it seem as though Cameron and Trina would rather be with each other. Joss gets upset and takes off. When she gets back, Carly wonders what's going on. Joss explains and Carly tells her to trust her feelings for her friends. 

Dev finds Cameron at the hospital and shows him the part in Joss' journal where she says she didn't like the kiss because it was clumsy. Cameron gets upset and leaves. Dev flashes back to him creating the journal entry. 

Carly tells Jason that the Pennsylvania detective wants to question her about Nelle. Carly still feels guilty for Nelle's fall. Jason says Nelle would have continued coming after them and it's better that she died. Jason tells her to stick to the story when talking to the detective. 

Sonny stops by the pub. He tells Julian to start selling Corinthos coffee again so his name will be associated with the place. Sonny mentions Cyrus, but Julian says he turned down Renault's offer. He says he won't sell Sonny's coffee either. Sonny says he's being nice for Ava's sake, but there will come a time when Sonny won't put up with Julian anymore.