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The Young and the Restless' Marla Adams Discusses Dina's Final "Iconic Moment"

Marla Adams, The Young and the Restless

Marla Adams (Dina Abbott Mergeron) exited The Young and the Restless last week after her character's heartbreaking battle with Alzheimer's. The veteran actress discussed her final scenes and Dina going to glory with Michael Fairman TV.

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Adams shared how much she valued her Y&R return, saying of her on-set family:

They are an extended family that is so precious to me, and playing this iconic character has been, too. I remember when Sally Sussman told me a few years ago, 'I’m going to bring you back on The Young and the Restless, but you’ve got Alzheimer’s,' and I said, ‘What!? You’re bringing me back so you can kill me off?’ and she said, 'Oh no, it’ll be about a year.' That dissolved into four years, and now five decades had passed and I was still on Y&R. I am beyond grateful.

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When Dina passed away, viewers saw her ascending to heaven and being welcomed by her first husband, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas). For Adams, this moment was a highlight of her acting career. She explained:

It was heart-wrenching for me. In the story, Dina died when she went outside and to the front door of the Abbott home. They did not tell me before-hand, and that’s why it was so wonderful. I hope they came in for a closeup of that because I had no makeup on, it was beautiful, and then, Dina said, 'Oh, John.' I’ve done everything from movies, to daytime, to nighttime, to Broadway, but that was the iconic moment for me, to do this gig with wonderful, wonderful actors and friends, and to do this particular storyline.

She added:

 As an actress, this was the most important role of my life, and to have her final moments spread out in one day really is because of all of the fans who have been writing in and wanting to see Dina again.