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WATCH: The View's Ana Navarro Opens Up About Her Husband's Recent Fight Against COVID-19

Ana Navarro

Political analyst and The View's Friday co-host Ana Navarro was frank and emotional about her husband Al Cardenas' battle with the coronavirus. On Monday's episode of the talk show, Navarro discussed with her colleagues how the virus nearly "took him out" but he is on the road to recovery after being hospitalized for five days before he was released. 

Navarro, who tested negative six times for the deadly virus, according to her, explained to her co-hosts how her husband contracted COVID-19. According to Navarro,

It came into my household. My husband got COVID from somebody that works in my house, who had gotten it from a nephew. Sixteen people have ended up with COVID from that one person, three of them in the hospital, including my husband, who spent five days in the hospital receiving Remdesivir. It's the reason I was working from home last week, being precautious, and, in an abundance of precaution, I was home to make sure not to be contagious to anybody in the studio. 

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Navarro revealed her husband self-quarantined for the first few days of being diagnosed with the virus when things took a turn for the worse and they both decided he needed to be admitted to the hospital. Once admitted, Cardenas was diagnosed with pneumonia, something moderator Whoopi Goldberg battled with in 2019, and Navarro made reference to. Navarro stated,

Whoopi, you know what that does to you. He was lethargic. He’s home now, he’s feeling great, he’s out of the woods. I am feeling so blessed, and I can’t tell you how much this weekend I have thought of all the people who dropped their loved one off at an ER never to see them again.

Watch Navarro hold back tears discussing how the virus almost claimed her husband's life and being lucky her husband was able to bounce back below.