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Judith Chapman Dishes on "Train Wreck" Gloria's Return to The Young and the Restless

Judith Chapman

Judith Chapman is about to make a splash on The Young and the Restless, as Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbott Bardwell returns to town. The thespian spoke to TV Insider about why she loves Gloria and what we can expect from the mischief-making character.

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Chapman regards Gloria as a possible "inspiration." How? She explained:

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I’ve always felt that as misguided as she’s been, she gets through things and lives to fight another day. She still has some sassy stuff going on and she’s confident. I want Gloria to be an inspiration even though she has been, and sometimes still is, a train wreck.

Gloria re-enters the life of her youngest son, Kevin (Greg Rikaart), to meet her newest grandchild. In the process, she catches up with: Kevin's love, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson); her oldest son, Michael (Christian LeBlanc); and their extended family. Reuniting with her longtime castmates was a seamless transition, Chapman said:

We didn’t missed a beat from the minute we walked on set. We literally did our scenes in one take. The chemistry was and is still there. There’s bickering. 'Oh, mother! What are you up to?' There is this under glow – no pun intended – of absolute love for her from her sons even though she’s been a 'bad mommy' at times. And they were bad boys at times, too.

Chapman will also appear in the upcoming film King Richard, starring Will Smith, as former First Lady Nancy Reagan. She dished:

It’s about Richard Williams, played by Will Smith, who is Venus and Serena’s father, and how he put them on a world stage after training them and getting them to where they are today. I can’t wait to find out who’s playing Ronnie [Reagan]. I’m hoping the actresses playing Venus and Serena will be in my scene, which is about Nancy doing a pep talk. She’s very composed.