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Let's Make A Deal Back in Production

Let's Made A Deal

Let's Make a Deal is making its way back into production. The CBS game show is back to taping inside its studio, with a brand new socially-distanced set to keep the show's host, Wayne Brady, announcer Jonathan Mangum, and contestants safe, according to Deadline.

The show is set to air its primetime special on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 9 PM EST, and with the new redesigned set, two walls containing virtual audience members featuring 18 people on them, as 12 contestants will be seated in their own pods. The 12 contestants will be selected at some point in the game and each episode will have a contestant at home playing.

LMAD's showrunner, John Quinn, explained the new layout to the site and stated,

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The audience and energy is so important for Let’s Make A Deal, but obviously you can’t do a show with 175 people in the audience right now. We had to adapt to keep the same essence.

Look for Let's Make A Deal's primetime specials to air Tuesday, Oct. 27 and Monday, Dec. 21.