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Perkie's Observations: Drunk and Fed Up, Alexis Boots Sam To the Curb on General Hospital

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Alexis Davis, Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco

Brook Lynn eavesdrops as Ned tells Monica he cheated on Olivia. Ned says he thought Olivia was cheating on him with Robert. Monica says Ned has to tell Olivia, but he refuses.

Olivia finds Brook Lynn eavesdropping and bursts into Ned and Monica's gabfest. Olivia wants Ned and Brook Lynn to clear the air once and for all. Ned asks for time to talk to Brook Lynn, alone. 

When they're alone, Brook Lynn admits she heard Ned's confession. Ned blames Brook Lynn because she deleted Olivia's phone message. Brook Lynn essentially calls Ned a hypocrite for saying she needs to tell the truth, while he doesn't. Brook Lynn storms out again. Olivia tells Ned and Monica that Dante is home. 

Diane joins Carly at the PCPD for the meeting with the detective on Nelle's case. Diane warns Carly she better not have left anything out. Detective Oscar De Leon throws his weight around, but Diane's all over it. 

Oscar starts the interrogation and asks if Carly was the last person to see Nelle alive. He says Nelle's body showed signs of a fall and asks if Carly pushed her. Carly admits she's relieved that Nelle's dead. 

Carly says she would never give Nelle the satisfaction of losing everything by killing her. She swears Nelle ran off and she never saw her after that. After the detective leaves, Diane reprimands Carly for admitting she's not sad about Nelle's death. Diane warns her not to volunteer anything else. 

Nina makes burial arrangements for Nelle, which Jax is still not happy about. Jordan calls Jax to come in for more questions about Nelle's death. 

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Valentin joins Nina and she tells him about the nurse she's searching for. Valentin offers his help to find Phyllis. Nina says Jax is helping her. Valentin warns her against Jax because Carly will always come first for him. Nina's not happy and tells Valentin to back off.

Brook Lynn joins Valentin for a drink (are we going to have these two wake up together the morning after?)

Chase runs into Michael at the gym and the two spar together. Chase tries to make nice, but Michael's still angry about him cheating on Willow. Chase says things were good between them before the mess with Nelle happened. Michael says they aren't friends anymore. 

Willow's concerned for Sasha and invites her to have a drink with her. The two admit to missing their friendship. Willow asks about Deception and Sasha says she made a mess of things. Sasha says she's a mess because she's lost Michael. Willow asks if Sasha wants another chance with Michael. Sasha says there's no going back. 

Sam stops by Alexis' and accuses her of being back on the bottle. Alexis tries to deny it, while getting a vodka delivery. Sam offers to call Finn to bring Alexis to a meeting. Alexis wants Sam to have a drink with her, but Sam refuses.

Alexis says the alcohol makes her feel better and prefers it to Sam. Alexis tells Sam to get out. (I love drunk Alexis when she's yelling at Sam!) Sam says drinking will only hurt Alexis. Alexis says she wants to do whatever she wants without judgement from others, so Sam chooses to leave. 

Jordan has questions for Jax to make sure his statement is complete. Jordan tells Jax that Carly is being interviewed by the detective. Jax says he told police everything that happened. 

Carly tells Jax that she stuck to their story and thanks him for talking her into the cover up. Nina gets to the PCPD in time to see them hug.