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WATCH: Sara Haines Gets a Case of The Giggles Over Jeffrey Toobin Masturbation Zoom

Sara Haines

Sara Haines

Sara Haines just couldn't keep it together during a segment on Tuesday's episode of The View. The ladies were discussing CNN's chief legal analyst and New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin's suspension by the magazine, and placement on leave at the news network, for masturbating while on Zoom with his colleagues about the upcoming election.

According to Toobin, he didn't know his colleagues were able to see him and thought the Zoom was on mute, despite being online for work. Naturally, jokes have been running rampant, and The View was no exception, even though moderator Whoopi Goldberg tried to make it a serious topic when it was introduced. 

Toobin's former CNN colleague Sunny Hostin chimed in and stated,

Why would someone show this lack of impulse control? Is this addictive behavior?…Is this an addiction related to these unprecedented times? I think that merits some investigation, because this is extremely odd, unusual behavior.

While the topic was discussed, Haines was visibly trying to fight back her laughter and when she weighed in on the topic she joked,

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I usually give women a lot of credit for multitasking but this is a gear switch I could leave to only a man. This was during an election simulation which is the most – I’m sorry, I’m sorry – the most unsexy thing I ever heard of.  I'm not going to be able to unsee this. I very much miss the days when Jennifer went to the bathroom and forgot to turn off her camera.

With co-host Joy Behar chuckling in the background about the joke, Haines continued, and gave a light-hearted apology and stated,

I’m so sorry, I know there’s a lot of seriousness to this topic but I can’t fathom the situation where this was the Option A and Option B. This is why I’m grateful to Joy for waiting till 12:01 to take her bra off.

Indeed . . . Later, Haines discussed her moment after others lightly chided her and stated,

Watch the segment below.