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Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford Talk Phick on Y&R

Joshua Morrow, Michelle Stafford

The Young and the Restless' coupling known as Phick (Phyllis and Nick) has been through hell and back. So much the two just keep going back to each other. Why is that? Soap Opera Digest spoke with their portrayers, Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow, to find out what it is that makes them continue to rekindle their romance.

Digest: Michelle, how do you think falling in love with Nick changed Phyllis?

Stafford: It made her softer, definitely. It was a very different relationship with Jack, where they seemed to be like two businesspeople almost, although that was a very fun thing to play, as well, and you know we all love the great Peter Bergman [Jack]. 

Digest: Joshua, how do you think Nick evolved after falling in love with Phyllis? 

Morrow: The feeling I always got from the pairing is that Phyllis gave Nick humility because with Sharon, he was always in charge, controlling her life and being very Victor [Eric Braeden]-esque with her. Even today, when they’re not together, Nick can be very controlling of Sharon [Sharon Case], but what Phyllis did for Nick when Cassie [Camryn Grimes] died was, she saved his life. He was going down a really dark place and for the first time in Nick’s life, he realized that he needed someone else. I feel like he was always a very cocky, hotheaded guy with a lot of hubris and Phyllis made him realize, “Dude, you need something else. It can’t just be you.”

So what's coming down the pipe for the two? 

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Digest: What can you tease about what viewers can expect with your characters? 

Stafford: Since there’s no touching, we’re not gonna be making out, so I’ve gotta, like, play this up somehow. These characters touch all of the time. 

Morrow: As far as like where the story is going, I think Nick and Phyllis are in a really good place. Obviously, there are a lot of outside elements like Sharon’s illness and Phyllis’s ever-present war with Abby [Melissa Ordway]. So, who knows if they’ll weather all these storms around them and keep going? Summer [Hunter King] is back with Kyle [Michael Mealor], which Nick doesn’t like, so will their interest in each other be able to get past all this other stuff is the question. As far as I’m concerned, my answer is 'Yes!'