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Order, Order! Judge Faith Jenkins Opens Up About Headlining Divorce Court

Judge Faith Jenkins

Faith Jenkins hasn't let COVID-19 slow her down. In March, it was announced that the former Judge Faith headliner would helm Season 22 of Divorce Court. In an interview with TV Insider, the legal eagle shared her thoughts on filming with COVID-19 restrictions and Divorce Court's enduring influence. 

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Divorce Court is filming sans audience for safety reasons, but the show must go on! Jenkins explained:

Everyone on staff is tested twice a week when we’re taping. There are only a certain number of staff members allowed on set. We’re operating on a skeletal crew. We’ve condensed the weeks we’re taping. I live in California now and fly to Atlanta for tapings. Some of the protocols in place like flying in quarantine for 48 hours and test.

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The iconic courtroom show has a lot of history behind it, and Jenkins is determined to carry that mantle forward. She shared:

This is not a show with a lot of change in terms of the judge. There is pressure I think coming in because your predecessors have been pretty incredible. There is a reason the show has been on for 22 years. That meant a lot to me. It was definitely a confidence boost for me. Knowing I can do the job because I've done it before. Knowing you are coming in where the precedent and bar has been set so high. You put pressure on yourself. It’s a healthy pressure because you want to be good. You want to do a good job because these are real cases with real people. You want to continue to have an impact.

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Ironically, Jenkins got married - to singer Kenny Lattimore - in the same year she started Divorce Court. The irony isn't lost on her; instead, she appreciates it. She added:

I think it helped me out tremendously when it comes to giving advice, especially to my couples. I have couples who have come in at 22 and been married for three years. They are so young and inexperienced in life, yet they have all this responsibility. What’s so interesting to me is being in such an amazing, happy, marriage. People will say we’re newlyweds and supposed to be. But I waited a long time and dated a long time. When I got married, I really got it right.