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Perkie's Observations: Michael and Willow Find Their Marriage Inconvenient After All on General Hospital

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Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Chad Duell, Katelyn MacMullen

Brook Lynn apologizes to Valentin for snarking him out earlier. The two make small talk, including bad mouthing Lulu. Valentin talks about Charlotte and the changes he's made to be a better father. Brook Lynn worries about disappointing Ned. Brook Lynn thinks she should go home, but Valentin says she shouldn't since it won't be on her terms. (Oh yeah, these two will definitely be playing Covid tonsil hockey soon.)

Lulu and Dustin discuss Dante's return. Lulu says she was blindsided. Dustin offers to walk away if she needs him to. Dustin wants things to be easier for Lulu, but she says losing Dustin would make things harder. 

Chase questions Brando about the motorcycle accident, but Brando's not forthcoming with answers. Chase asks Jordan about Brando, but Jordan warns him again the case is closed and to back off. 

Michael and Willow discuss their marriage. Michael says there is no reason for them to stay married, though Willow counters they might want to. Michael says they deserve more than companionship, they also deserve love. Michael says things will get more complicated so if they're going to end their marriage, it needs to be done now. 

Michael is thrilled to see that Dante is home and introduces him to Willow. Dante is thrilled to meet his new sister in law, but Michael tells Dante they've decided to end their marriage. Michael says they'll get an annulment.

Sam reaches out to Sonny for help. She tells him that Alexis is drinking again and blames Neil's death. Sonny says Alexis will need an intervention. 

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Jax and Carly explain to Nina about the detective's investigation into Nelle's death.

Nina tells Curtis that she needs to hire him as her PI to help her find Phyllis. Curtis tells Jordan about the job and how he's worried about setting Nina up for a fall. Jordan tells Curtis that she's worried about Chase nosing around in the motorcycle accident. Jordan thinks if Chase digs deep enough, he'll see her working with Cyrus. 

Diane complains to Sonny about Carly, and explains to him about Nelle's fatal injuries. Diane says there's no proof that Carly did anything to Nelle. She says the detective wanted Carly because of her last name. Diane says she protected Carly, but Carly said she was relieved by Nelle's death. Diane says everything points to an accident and Carly needs to keep her mouth shut. 

Nina tells Carly that she's taking care of Nelle's burial and wants her buried at Woodlawn. Carly's upset since Mike, Morgan, and Willow's baby are buried there. Nina says Nelle's plot is in a different spot and Wiley will have a place to visit his biological mother. Carly thinks Nina is just doing this to feel better. Carly tells Nina to let them move on with their lives. 

Jax talks to Sam about her half of Aurora and her lack of leadership. He asks if Sam wants to sell, but Sam says she wants the inheritance for Scout. Sam questions if he wants to take over both divisions. Jax says he would only want it if he owned it. Sam decides she knows someone who can work for her. Sam calls Michael.

Cyrus meets with Brando and asks if he's decided about working for him. He says Brando will be mainly a driver, and provide protection and security. Brando agrees to the job.

Chase heads back to the gym where he sees Brando and Cyrus shake hands.