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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn And Valentin Got No Shame In Their Walk Of Shame Game

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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

Briana Lane & James Patrick Stuart

Brook Lynn and Valentin wake up the next morning in the afterglow of their night together (Told ya there would be some tonsil hockey happening!!). Neither one regrets their night, though Brook Lynn says it won't happen again. She feels Valentin is still in love with Nina. Valentin admits there was another love before Nina that he still has feelings for (Anna methinks?) Brook Lynn reminds Valentin that Nina is still into Jax, but he says they won't last.

Olivia overhears part of Monica and Ned's conversation about Brook Lynn. She says she'll reach out to Brook Lynn to get her to talk to Ned. Meanwhile, Ned says he admitted he was wrong but Brook never will. He still feels that Brook Lynn should have warned him that Valentin was coming after ELQ. Olivia asks how Brook Lynn can make amends.
Jax is not happy when Nina continues to discuss the burial for Nelle. He feels Nelle was given every chance and blew every one of them. 

Chase has questions for Sam regarding Jason's accident but she's her typical biatch to him. Chase warns her that Cyrus will try again and she and the kids may be in danger. OR, a typical day in the life of a mob wife.

Michael tells Willow that Diane is ready to go ahead with the adoption papers and the annulment though she thinks they're making a mistake. According to Diane, they're a good match and should stick together. Michael wants them to walk away as friends. (and then they both fell asleep while having this conversation. oh no wait, that was me)

Julian tells Ava that Sonny wants him to sell his coffee again and worries about the letter. He thinks Ava is stalling on the divorce. Ava's trying to figure out how to save Julian's life and still get all the money.

Ava explains about Scotty's blackmail, the kiss with Franco and believes Friz and Scott were in on it together. She tells Julian about finding the piece of Nikolas' check, meaning he was being blackmailed as well.

Julian believes all of this is an excuse, and that Ava loves to play games with Nik and that she doesn't need his money. Ava declares that Nikolas is her husband until she decides otherwise.

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Nikolas apologizes to Liz and explains about trying to push Ava and Franco together . He says he thought he wasn't interested in Ava but he's seen a different side of her that he likes. Nikolas says there are moments that he and Ava connect, especially regarding their children. Liz says Nik should tell Ava how he feels.

Michael meets with Sam and Jax. Sam explains that her half of Aurora, the online digital area, is not doing as well as it should and she has no interest in running it properly. Sam asks Michael to be CEO until Scout is old enough to take over the company. Michael says he has no experience with a media company. Jax sings his praises with how he's run ELQ. Michael's trying to get ELQ back, but Jax tells him to let Ned worry about that. Sam says Valentin will not run the company into the ground and both feel Michael is the best person for this job. Michael accepts.

Sam apologizes to Michael and explains that Valentin helped her with the parole officer in exchange for the shares. Michael says she made the right choice, and that family means everything.

Nina invites Chase to Nelle's burial, since they were once close. Chase says Nelle killed her fiancé and played him, almost costing him his job. He has no interest in going to the burial. 

Both Nina and Chase are shocked when Brook Lynn and Valentin exit the elevator together, clearly having spent the night together. Chase says Valentin is the reason Brook Lynn is estranged from her family but she denies that. Brook Lynn says she and Valentin had a lovely night together.

Nina feels Valentin took advantage of Brook Lynn. Valentin calls her jealous, which Nina denies. Nina says she wants nothing to do with Valentin because he lied so much and broke her heart. 

Brook Lynn heads over to the mansion to pick up something. Ned apologizes and says he loves her more than ELQ. He believes Valentin took advantage of her, but Brook Lynn says Valentin is trying to build something for Charlotte. Ned wonders when she spoke with Valentin. Brook Lynn admits to spending the night with Valentin and Ned gets mad. He says Brook Lynn is as destructive as he was when he slept with Alexis. Brook Lynn says she and Valentin were consenting adults and has hurt no one.

Chase runs into Willow and says she'll make a great mother for Wylie, that the three of them will make a good family. Willow says she has something to tell him.
Nikolas gets home and wants a conversation with Ava.