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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Runs Hot, But Ava Gives Him a Cold Shower on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Nikolas says he has a confession, but Ava doesn't make it easy for him. Nikolas is finally able to tell her that he has inconvenient feelings for her. Ava doesn't know what that means, so Nikolas admits he's fallen for her.

Nikolas questions whether she's in this with him or not. Ava says she's annoyed and doesn't believe him. She believes he's trying to wear down her resistance, but he brings up the night at the cabin. Ava brings up Elizabeth, but Nikolas denies any feelings for her. 

Nikolas swears Liz means nothing to him. Ava tells him to prove it by telling her that he's never had thoughts of leaving her for Liz. Nikolas admits he had a fantasy about Liz, but she's his past. He pushes Ava regarding her feelings, but Ava wants proof. She tells him to divorce her. 

Carly has nightmares about Nelle and tells Jason about it. Carly tells him about Nina's plans to give Nelle a proper burial. Jason questions why Nelle still bothers Carly so much. Carly believes Nelle isn't done with her yet. Carly worries that she has PTSD because of Nelle. She thinks there's something she's forgetting and needs to confront it.

Valentin believes Nina isn't as over him as she claims. She says she's determined to move on. Valentin says he won't wait around indefinitely for her. He says Jax is her rebound and he loves Carly. Nina says she's not threatened by Jax's connection to Carly. Nina says she wants Valentin to stop with the attacks on Jax. 

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Jax joins Nina and Valentin, and lets it slip that Nina is paying for Nelle's burial, which surprises Valentin. Nina explains that Wiley may want to visit his mother's grave, but Valentin disagrees. He compares Nelle to Helena . . . grateful that he didn't know who his mother was when she was alive. Nina tells him to mind his own business before storming off. 

Jax agrees with Valentin, who says Nina's feelings for Nelle are wrapped up in her issues with her own child. Valentin says he knows Nina and Jax are searching for the child. Valentin mentions Carly and Jax's connection with her. He doesn't believe Jax is over Carly, but Jax says Carly is his past. Valentin wonders what Jax is hiding. 

Chase stops Willow from saying what she wanted. He says he's no longer a part of her life and she shouldn't tell him whatever it was. Michael interrupts and is surprised when Chase mentions Brook Lynn's night with Valentin. Chase brings up Nelle's burial. Michael and Willow both say they won't attend. Chase says he thinks he needs to face Nelle one last time. 

Michael and Willow discuss Chase. Willow's still upset that Chase threw her away. Michael thinks Chase wants her back, but Willow doesn't think it matters. Willow says she can't get over Chase cheating and they are over. Willow says Michael is someone she can trust. 

Sonny tells Jason that Mike left him a race horse in his will. Sonny says he loves his father, but needs to let him go and focus on his family. Sonny asks about Brando, and Jason says he started working for Cyrus. Jason's not worried, thinking Cyrus won't try anything big in the open yet. The two believe that Cyrus will be moving product through the hospital. Sonny says he'll take out Cyrus if he breaks the truce. 

Chase heads to the burial service with Nina. He tells Nina that he wants to put Nelle behind him once and for all. Nina believes Nelle's life would have been better if someone had been looking out for her. Chase disagrees, saying Nelle had plenty of opportunity to make changes. Nina hopes Nelle rests in peace. 

Carly shows up at the burial.