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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Guilt Summons Nelle From the Grave on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

Curtis questions Jax on whose idea it was for Nina to keep looking for her child. He says he doesn't want to see Nina get hurt and wonders if Jax is manipulating her like Valentin did. Jax swears he's just supporting Nina and is happy Curtis is looking out for her. 

Trina's annoyed with Cameron for ignoring her. He says he's been busy working at Kelly's. Trina wants his help in clearing Taggert's name. Cameron admits he has feelings for her and Josslyn. Trina says it's her fault since she's been sending him mixed signals. 

Cameron's happy he's not the only one with mixed feelings. Trina wants to know if there is still something between them and pulls him in for another kiss. After the kiss, Trina decides they should just remain friends. Cameron agrees because he wants to spend his last school year enjoying the single life.

Josslyn tells Dev that she and Cameron kissed and then ignored her. She's unsure of Cameron's feelings, but Dev says if Cameron is avoiding her, she has her answer. Dev is thrilled that Cameron is ghosting Josslyn and tells her to back off. 

Trina tells Josslyn that Cameron wants to spend his senior year drama free. Cameron tells Dev he doesn't want Josslyn to know that he knows about Josslyn's diary entry. 

Nina's surprised to see Carly at the cemetery. She wonders why Carly is looking for closure. Carly wants to forget about Nelle, but Nina brings up Wiley. Nina wants Nelle to rest in peace. Carly doesn't believe Nelle was worthy of Nina's attention. Nina says Carly won and that should be enough.

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Carly talks to the headstone, then imagines a hand reaching out of the ground. Carly fights with the hand and knocks over the headstone. Nina comes running back to see what happened. Carly claims she tripped. 

Sam tells Julian that Alexis is drinking again. Julian offers his help, which Sam is grateful for. 

Cyrus shows up, telling Julian again that he wants to buy the bar for a boatload of money. Julian refuses to sell. Cyrus reminds Julian that he provided him with an alibi for Martin's mugging. Julian refuses him again.

Sam returns to the bar. She's annoyed because she saw Julian and Cyrus together. She takes back asking Julian for help with Alexis. 

Britt comes across a drunk Alexis. She gets snippy with Britt for being the catalyst for her and Neil losing their licenses. 

Jordan talks to Britt about working with her now that she's chief of staff, especially regarding drug abuse. Britt talks highly of working with Cyrus.

Jax finds Alexis at the bar. She wants him to join for a drink, but he has a meeting with Britt. Britt tells Jax that she needs money to develop a research program. Jax wonders why she hasn't asked Cyrus for the money. Britt has, but needs more. She says she's trying to bring the hospital back to its former glory. Jax doesn't want to do business with her because of her loyalty to Cyrus.

Nina calls Jax to come to the cemetery because there's something wrong with Carly. When Jax arrives, Carly refuses to tell him what's wrong.