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Perkie's Observations: Julian Gets All of the Heat for All of Alexis' Ills on General Hospital

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Julian Jerome, General Hospital

William deVry

Sam wants to discuss Halloween plans with Jason, who says he might be busy dealing with Cyrus. Sam wants to know if there is a mob war coming. Jason promises to let her know when things escalate.

Spinelli joins them, looking for an update about Brando. Jason says it will take awhile before Brando has any information on Cyrus. Spinelli brings up Peter and his conversation with Nelle. Spinelli tells Sam that Peter framed Liesl for everything he did. 

Later, Sam gets angry with Jason for not keeping her up to date on their investigations. Jason says it never crossed his mind, which angers Sam even more. 

Alexis has moved her drinking pity party over to Charlie's. Julian tells his bartender to cut her off. Alexis says she can drink wherever she pleases, but Julian thinks she showed up there so he could stop her. Alexis blames Julian for her being an alcoholic. 

Julian apologizes, but Alexis says he's responsible for the mess of her life and that's why she drinks. Julian asks if she's willing to let him help her, but Alexis also blames him for Neil's death. Julian tells her if she wants to drink, she can't do it in his bar. 

Robert wants to discuss Peter with Jackie, but she has no interest in working with him. She wants her own story. Robert says he's worried about Maxie, but Jackie says he needs to find the proof on Peter. 

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Robert asks about the history between Finn and his father. Jackie claims it had to do with the father's remarriage, though Robert doesn't believe that's all it is. Peter calls to let Jackie know that he has everything ready for them to work together.

Robert gets a text from Olivia that Dante has been released and is back in town. 

Maxie's thrilled to see Dante, hugs him, and admits she's missed him. She asks about his re-entry and Dante admits it's been difficult. Maxie tells Dante about marrying Peter, which surprises him. Maxie sings Peter's praises, but Dante reminds her that Peter is the reason Nathan is dead. Dante apologizes for the crack, but believes she's making a big mistake. Maxie tells Dante not to make her choose between him and Peter. Dante says all he wants is for Maxie to be happy. 

Kevin's doing analytical research in the lab when Lulu stops by to discuss Dante. She tells Kevin she's ready to move on with Dustin and adds that he was very gracious when Dante came back. Lulu says she still loves Dante, but can't stop her feelings for Dustin either. Kevin tells her to take her time to figure things out. 

Lulu runs into Dante at the Rib. 

Anna tells Finn that she wants a sample of Faison's brain so the RA gene can be tested. Anna thinks she's the key to Peter staying on the good side and things will get messy if it turns out that Alex is his mother. 

FAnna break into Kevin's lab looking for information. They can't go through the proper channels to get to Faison's brain because Peter released it to science. Kevin catches them and Anna decides to tell Kevin the truth.