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The Bold and the Beautiful's Lawrence Saint-Victor Talks Carter's Complications

Lawrence Saint-Victor

Many fans of The Bold and the Beautiful are thrilled to see more of legal eagle Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Carter is taking center stage as Forrester Creations’ new COO and a new boyfriend to model Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes), who’s also drawn to designer Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz). 

In a chat with Australia’s TV Soap magazine, the handsome soap veteran—he debuted on Guiding Light back in 2006—discussed Carter’s emotional trip-ups, what’s to come with Zoe and Zende, and the impending arrival of Zoe’s sister Paris (Diamond White).

Asked whether or not Zoe still has a ways to go to regain people’s trust after the baby Beth debacle, Saint-Victor explained:

I think so. One of Carter’s ‘super powers’—and his Kryptonite—is his optimism and belief in people. He’s already decided he's going to take a ‘clean slate’ approach with Zoe. He sees in the good in people.

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That tendency to trust might not work out all that well for Carter, since Zoe is also attracted to Zende. But the Forrester family, especially Carter's pal Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), recently showed their trust in Carter. How? By making him the company's COO. 

Saint-Victor dished:

When I read that Carter was going to be COO, it all came together. Okay…You’re back as a regular and your character is being elevated at the same time. That gave it a sense of synergy and appreciation. When Ridge and Eric [John McCook] said that Carter has been loyal and is a guy you can count on, I felt like that’s been my experience at B&B. I live for that show. I consider those people my family.

Has he worked with White yet? Saint-Victor teased:

I have. Diamond’s amazing. She and Delon both. Soaps shoot so quickly. We’re shooting even faster now in light of COVID. Diamond and Delon have jumped in solid and haven’t missed a beat. Diamond has a cool presence about her. There’s something so authentic and I think it will shine through in her performances.