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Perkie's Observations: Jackie and Finn Untangle Their Prickly Past on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Kim Delaney

Carly stops by Nina's to give her a bottle of wine as a peace offering, but runs into Jax instead. Carly swears knocking over the headstone was an accident. She says she's trying to make peace. Jax wants to know why she went to the gravesite in the first place. 

Carly admits she's having nightmares. Carly says she wonders if she could have done more to save Nelle, but doesn't feel badly that Nelle died. She thinks the dreams are a warning. Carly says something happened that night and doesn't remember it. (The camera flashes onto the necklace on Nina's neck.) 

Valentin finds Sasha with greasy hair all strung out at the Metro Court bar. When he tries to insist that she leave, Chase stops him. Sasha claims she's fine, but Chase doesn't believe her. Sasha says she just wants to get drunk and forget everything, but Chase wonders if there is more going on. (Geez DETECTIVE Chase, maybe you should notice that she clearly looks and acts like she's higher than a kite!)

Nina thanks Curtis for helping her search for her child. Curtis says he checked the nursing database to look for Phyllis and has narrowed it down to six women. Nina says money is no object, but Valentin walks up and offers to bankroll Curtis' investigation. 

Valentin says he needs to make penance, but Nina says she'll never take his money. Nina says she's moved on with Jax. Valentin brings up Carly again and tells her she will always be first for Jax. 

Sasha gets into another altercation with the bartender, and breaks a glass and drops her purse. Curtis spots the drug baggie and tells Nina that Sasha is high. Nina offers to take Sasha to her room and stay with her while she comes down from her high.

Finn thinks he and Jackie are overdue for a conversation. Finn says Chase believes he's angry with their father because of how quickly he remarried. Jackie says Chase needs to know the truth about what happened between them since Chase will see the strain between the two of them. 

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Finn reminds her they slept together the night before her wedding to his father. Jackie admits she had feelings for Finn and his father, but Finn dumped her after their night together. 

Jackie says she was torn between the two men and when Finn took off, she chose to marry his father anyway. Jackie says she stayed with his father and kept quiet about the affair. She says Chase wants his family to get along. Chase arrives and Finn agrees to a family dinner. 

Anna admits to Kevin that her memories of Peter's birth may not be hers. She says she can't account for her whereabouts during that time, and those memories of Peter's conception and birth are very specific. She says she needs to know whether Peter is hers or Alex's. 

Anna mentions Peter having the marker for RA and wanting to know if Faison was a carrier. Otherwise, it would come from Alex, making her Peter's mother. She wants Kevin to get a sample of Faison's brain so it can be tested. Kevin says he can't release Faison's remains to Anna because Peter donated the body, and he would need to consent. (Yeah, I don't think that's true but whatever, show.) Kevin says he'll do some tests himself for the RA marker and have the results by tomorrow. 

Lulu and Dante make small talk until Dustin arrives. Dustin thinks he and Dante should get to know each other. Dante wants to leave, but Lulu insists he stay to celebrate Maxie and Peter's engagement. 

Dante chooses to leave, but offers Peter an apology for not being thrilled when Maxie mentioned the marriage. Peter asks about work, and thinks he has something for Dante.

Dustin tells Maxie that he's moving in with Lulu. When Lulu shows little enthusiasm, Dustin questions whether she wants him to move in or not. Lulu says it's different now that Dante is back, but says she loves him.

Peter tells Lulu that he offered Dante a job as head of security for The Invader. Dante sends a text to someone that he's infiltrated Peter.

Jax reassures Carly that she'll be okay. Nina and Sasha arrive as the two are hugging it out.