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'Rachael Ray' Crew Members Struggling to Keep Jobs Amid Pandemic

Crew members on Rachael Ray are trying to keep their jobs amidst pandemic-induced cutbacks. BuzzFeed News reports that, because Ray is filming from home, meaning most of the production team's jobs have been eliminated; despite the crew being told they'd be paid through the end of this season, execs are now saying 20 people won't be paid for the rest of the work they were booked for.

Variety states that the producers and the union have not come to any agreements. Meanwhile, a number of the RR team stand to lose their health insurance and and income. One crew member told BuzzFeed:

My savings is dwindling. I’m not going to be able to pay my bills, and then in the next six months I won’t have worked enough union hours to cover my health insurance.

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The crew reportedly doesn't resent the fact that Ray doesn't feel comfortable filming in the studio due to fear over COVID-19. However, they note that Ray has donated $4 million to COVID relief and they, her crew members, are worried over their livelihoods. 

One crew member added:

It’s hard when you work for a show for 14 years and they say, ‘We’re going to take care of you and we’re all family. We’re going to pay you guys for September and October,’ so you expect the show is going to come back to the studio or they’re going to keep paying you because of our contracts. But now we’re left with nothing.

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