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Days of Our Lives Recap: Dr. Rolf Hopes Kayla Will Rise to the Occasion to Help The Phoenix Rise From the Ashes

Days of Our Lives

Mary Beth Evans, William Utay

We begin our day in Salem at University Hospital where Steven Earl Johnson (Stephen Nichols) is on the phone trying to figure out what the hell happened to his Sweetness! As he hangs up, Roman (Josh Taylor) enters in a tizzy. Steve found Kayla's (Mary Beth Evans) phone in her bag in her office. He's looked EVERYWHERE and ain't nobody knows where she's gotten to. Roman wonders if it's Orpheus (George DelHoyo), but Steve isn't so sure.

At a spooky lab across town (which looks strangely similar to Jake's garage), Kayla wonders what the hell Dr. Rolf (William Utay) wants with her. Rolf thinks the lab is impressive, but not quite as much as the location where he implanted Stefano's "essence" into Steve (Did I just type "Stefano's essence"?). Kayla doesn't understand why they're walking down memory lane when Rolf assured her the microchip had been destroyed.

Side Note: Why would Kayla ever believe Dr. Rolf?

Side Note #2: I'm still stuck on Stefano's essence.

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Anyhoo, Dr. Rolf explains that the microchip is just one of several inventions he created to ensure The Phoenix would continue to rise from the ashes. Dr. Rolf assures Kayla that The Phoenix will continue to rise to the occasion assisted by what is contained in the Instant Pot filled with . . . dry ice . . . er . . . I mean . . . a mysterious concoction.

In the park, Kate (Lauren Koslow) encounters Clyde (James Read) holding baby Henry. Kate is clearly thrown off her game.

Meanwhile, Orpheus and John (Drake Hogestyn) are playing a hand of gin whilst awaiting Marlena's (Deidre Hall arrival. Orpheus beats him and wonders if the aneurysm impacted his competitive nature. The Big O wonders where Marlena is . . . just then, there's a knock at the door! Marlena has arrived with Christian (Brock Kelly)! John glares as Marlena is on the edge of a concerned mew.

That's how our day began in Salem! What else happened during this episode that made you glare with suspicion or mew with pleasure? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and sound off in the comments!