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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Finds a Nugget of Truth In the Jerome House of Lies on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Franco's admitted to the hospital overnight for observation. He reassures Liz and Cameron that he was simply dehydrated. Franco asks about the teen girls, but Cameron says Trina and Joss are just friends now.

Spinelli asks Sonny advice about Maxie and Peter. Sonny tells him not to get involved, but others can step in if something's needed.

Maxie's having a birthday toast with Peter, Finn, and Anna. Anna compliments Maxie on how she has everything together. Finn asks Peter to be a groomsman. Later, Maxie and Peter head out to dinner, and Spinelli joins them. Spinelli works hard to make Peter believe he's in their corner. 

Nikolas confronts Julian with his suspicion that Ava's concerns are about him. Julian tells him to stay out of the Jeromes' business. Nikolas figures out that Nelle left her leverage with Ryan, which is causing Ava's worry. Nikolas says he can help Julian disappear, but Julian's not interested. 

Carly continues to worry about Sasha and is not amused when she meets with Cyrus. Sasha thanks Cyrus for his kindness the night before. Cyrus offers to be an ear for her, and a friend. As she's leaving, someone gives Sasha an envelope with more drugs. 

Carly tells Sonny that she's worried about Sasha and thinks she's using drugs. Neither one are happy about Sasha spending time with Cyrus. Sonny needs to know what Cyrus wants from Sasha. 

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Ava pays Franco a visit in the hospital. Franco wants the truth from Ava, who admits she tried to push Nikolas and Liz together. Ava accuses Franco of blackmailing her and Nikolas. Ava wants to know if Franco has proof that Nikolas cheated on her. 

Franco's angry with Ava for trying to drive a wedge between him and Liz. Ava tries to justify her actions. Franco says she's addicted to the game she's playing with Nikolas. 

Nikolas tells Liz that he messed things up with Ava, and Liz is the only person he trusts to help him. Liz admits to Nikolas that she and Franco were playing with him and Ava. 

Julian updates Ava on his conversation with Nikolas. Ava thinks she can use the fake divorce papers on Ryan to get the letter from Nelle. Ava heads to Pentonville to see Ryan.

Portia gets Franco's CT scan results and calls in an oncologist. (Crap, I was hoping it wasn't a same old, same old brain tumor, but something to do with the chocolate bar he ate yesterday that had Epiphany in a kerfuffle.)

The teens meet before the Halloween party to discuss the plan to help clear Taggert's name. Trina spots someone in a Darth Vader outfit and has her picture taken with him. When Trina accidentally leaves her phone behind, Darth Vader is interested. Julian tells Darth Vader to take a hike. The two scuffle and Darth's mask comes off to reveal Taggert. 

Valentin meets with Anna. He's worried about Spinelli's interest in Peter because of Spinelli's association with Jason. Anna says she has an arrangement with Jason and they don't need to worry about him. Anna gets the test results for the RA marker. Anna's worried, but Valentin convinces her to open the letter. 

Peter gets a phone call from someone who claims to be Helena Cassadine. (Aunt/Mommy Alex playing head games with her son/nephew?)