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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Whips Out a Bigger Blade Than Ava on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Nina's surprised to find Jax and Carly hanging out drinking wine in her apartment. Sasha tries to leave, but Nina wants her stay. Carly tries to talk to Sasha, while Nina complains to Jax about Carly's behavior at the cemetery.

Carly tells Sasha to look at herself in the mirror. Sasha claims she's fine and happy with Michael and his new family.

Jax swears to Nina that Carly accidentally knocked over the gravestone. Nina brings up his relationship with Carly. Jax says Carly will always be part of his life because of Joss, but it's just co-parenting. Sasha ends up leaving with Carly, who's determined to do more for her.

Liz runs into Willow at the hospital. Willow says she's not needed as a teacher anymore and is applying to the nursing program. Willow brings up her impending annulment, which surprises Liz. Liz sings Michael's praises and how the two are so good together. 

Cyrus overhears Epiphany complaining to Franco about her job change. He then introduces himself to Franco. Franco mentions karaoke night at The Rib and asks if Cyrus wants to join them. 

At the bar, Liz questions Epiphany's mood. Pif says she and Milo are breaking up. Epiphany says they've grown apart. Cyrus joins Friz and Pif for karaoke night, where Epiphany sings.

Brook Lynn complains to Chase about his judgement of her night with Valentin. Chase apologizes. Brook Lynn asks if she can stay with him longer, which Chase agrees to. Brook Lynn mentions she's going to try to sing on karaoke night. When it's her turn, Brook Lynn freezes onstage and runs out. Chase feels sorry for her and finds her.

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Nikolas invites Ava to join him on the parapet. Ava has a knife with her in case he wants to toss her over. The two discuss their marriage and Ava brings up his interest in Liz. Nikolas admits he has turned to Liz because of their history together, but swears there's nothing between them.

Nikolas says he has feelings for Ava. She counters that if he wants her, he has to divorce her, and Nikolas agrees. Nikolas has the divorce papers ready to sign, relinquishing 90% of the assets to her. Ava wonders what the catch is. Nikolas says she can have all of the material assets, but she can't have him. 

Nikolas doesn't want her to sign the forms, he wants them to move forward or end it once and for all. Nikolas says he's owned up to his feelings and Ava admits she has feelings for him as well. Ava worries that if she stays married, someone will pay, but refuses to say more. The two argue about signing the forms and Ava accidentally stabs him in the stomach. 

Stabbing turns people on as the two of them have sex, again. When they're done, Ava wonders what to do about the divorce papers. Nikolas admits they aren't real and was just testing her feelings. Ava smacks him and walks out.

Dante finds Michael at the gym and brings up the annulment. Michael admits he'd rather stay married, but needs to let Willow go. Dante tells Michael to tell Willow the truth. 

Willow shows up at the gym. Michael tells her how Dante thinks they should stay together. Michael heads to the showers and has sexy thoughts of Willow joining him. Luckily for Michael, Willow has the same thoughts. 

Sasha's dealer leaves her hanging and she loses it. Just then, Cyrus finds her. 

Epiphany is shocked when Franco passes out at the bar.