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Fox Greenlights The View Co-Host Sunny Hostin's Drama The Counsel

Sunny Hostin, The View

The View's Sunny Hostin is creating a series based on her life. The co-host of ABC's longtime talk show received a script commitment with a penalty by Fox for the one-hour drama The Counsel, a new series from Hostin and Scott Free Production. It is also a co-production of Universal Television.

According to Deadline, The Counsel takes its inspiration from Hostin's life experiences and will center on four women of color in their 30s who are at the top of their career fields of journalism, law, politics, and PR. The quad finds themselves facing a scandal that threatens to derail what they've accomplished, and the women must depend on their lifelong friendship to defeat the drama.

Erica Shelton will write the show and serve as executive producer, along with Hostin, Ridley Scott, Jordan Sheehan, David W. Zucker, and Clayton Krueger through Scott Free Productions.

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