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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Spinelli Punk Peter on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, Damian Spinelli, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Bradford Anderson

Helena tells Peter they have unfinished business. Peter says she's dead and wants to know who this really is. Helena says she needs someone to help her stay dead until she's ready to reveal herself. She says she has leverage and will expose his role in Drew's abduction. Helena wants a meeting and warns him there will be consequences if he doesn't get back to her. 

Anna reads the report and tells Valentin that Faison didn't have the marker for RA, which means Alex is Peter's mother. Anna says she blamed herself for sleeping with Faison only to find out it was a lie. 

Anna and Valentin are both angry with Alex's involvement and how she manipulated them both. Anna wonders if she should tell Peter the truth. Valentin thinks they need to find and eliminate Alex. Anna decides that Peter needs to know so he can be prepared for when Alex shows up. 

Terry tells Franco he has a malignant growth in his front lobe. She says the tumor has recurred in the same area and shows him the scan. Franco says he doesn't have any symptoms, unlike the last time. Terry says the tumor is inoperable and can't be removed surgically. She says she wants to run more tests before deciding his options. Franco says he doesn't want Liz to know yet. 

Julian believes he recognizes Taggert from the night on the pier with Nelle. Taggert denies it and takes off. Julian wonders who Darth really was, then picks up Trina's phone and sees a photo of the two of them. 

Ava visits with Ryan and tells him she divorced Nikolas. Ryan wants proof, so Ava shows him the fake divorce papers. Ava wants Nelle's letter in exchange. The guard gives Ava the letter, but it's not the one from Nelle. Ryan says he knows the divorce papers are not real and gets violently angry. He calls her a liar before the guard drags him away. (Kudos to Jon Lindstrom because holy that was intense!)

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Sonny updates Jason on Sasha's drug use and feels that Cyrus broke their truce. Jason says there is no evidence of Cyrus bringing drugs into the city. Sonny thinks they're coming in through the hospital. 

Taggert heads to the gym to complain to Sonny about Cyrus dealing his drugs in town. Taggert doesn't want Trina caught in the crossfire. Taggert says he's going to stay to keep an eye on Trina. Sonny says he'll stash him where his men can keep an eye on him. Taggert asks about a safe house, but Jason says Sonny bought Kate's old house next door, and that's where he'll stay. 

Liz tells Nikolas that she was the one blackmailing him. Liz says Nikolas was playing games with her marriage and wanted to teach him a lesson. Nikolas asks about the check and Liz says she tore it up. Nikolas wants to know if there are compromising photos of Ava and Franco. 

Liz says Franco manipulated Ava and since NAva both broke their fidelity clauses, they can't use it against each other. 

Spinelli joins up with Sam, who's using a voice modulator to sound like Helena. Spinelli says their plan worked like a charm. (Gotta say, did not see that coming.) The two devised a plan to set Peter up. Peter calls Helena and sets up a meet for the following night. 

Ava updates Julian on her encounter with Ryan. When Nikolas shows up, she tells him what happened. She asks if Nikolas is willing to divorce her for real to help Julian. Nikolas promises to help her find a way to get Ryan to back off Julian. 

Ryan calls Sonny. 

Alex shows up, knocking Anna out. (Dear Anna, remember when you were a kick ass spy? Why are you allowing your idiot sister to get the drop on you? . . . AGAIN!)