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Perkie's Observations: Lucy's Trippy Candle Catapults Josslyn and Trina Back to 1920 on General Hospital

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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Eden McCoy, Sydney Mikayla

Carly and Bobbie wish Josslyn a happy 18th birthday. Carly mentions how this is Josslyn's first election day. Josslyn feels she's too busy to vote, but Carly says it's her civic duty. Bobbie says Josslyn's great great grandmother was a suffragist, who played a vital role in women being allowed to vote. Bobbie tells Josslyn that Beatrice Eckert would be disappointed. 

Trina heads to the gallery where the historical society is hosting an exhibit. Josslyn joins her and the two discuss voting. Josslyn feels nothing ever changes, but Trina feels they have a duty. The two head into the voting booth and press a button . . . and head back in time to 1920.

The two are confused about their travel back in time. They run into Beatrice Eckert, Josslyn's great great grandmother. Trina's concerned they'll mess up the space time continuum! She doesn't want them to mess up the election and the future of Port Charles. 

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Beatrice explains to Josslyn that women are voting for the first time. Trina's impressed that Portia is a doctor and the two discuss the difficulties of African Americans. 

Women arrive to say that the woman's only polling station has been closed. Portia calls it voter suppression. Josslyn's worried that their presence caused a change. Britt arrives, telling the women that the bank foreclosed on the building and the women won't be voting today.

Beatrice gets into an argument with Ava and ends up in jail. The girls do their best to make things right so the women are allowed to vote. Beatrice is released from jail and rallies the women. Josslyn realizes voting is the least she can do as a citizen.

The girls head into a voting booth, press the button, and land back in 2020. They then discover that Lucy lit a wacky candle and this whole thing was likely just a psychedelic dream. 

Josslyn and Trina proudly vote for the first time.