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Perkie's Observations: TJ Learns Jordan Squashed His Protest Request on General Hospital

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TJ Ashford, General Hospital

Tajh Bellow, Briana Nicole Henry

TJ complains to Jordan about Cyrus and the low morale around the hospital. TJ says his license to protest was turned down and asks for his mother's help. Jordan says she's the one who denied it and a public protest won't change anything. Jordan says if TJ pushes against Cyrus, he'll push back. TJ says he's standing up for himself. 

Cyrus tells Portia he's a very hands on employer, and asks about Trina and Taggert. Portia says her family is none of his business, but Cyrus doesn't see it that way. Portia says she's not responsible for Taggert's actions and doesn't want to interact with Cyrus. Cyrus wants them to be cordial, but Portia won't accept his intimidations. Cyrus says Portia is a vital part of the hospital. Portia warns him never to mention Trina or Taggert to her again. 

Jordan and TJ's argument spills out into the hallway where both Portia and Cyrus can overhear. TJ says he's rallying a protest against Cyrus. Cyrus says he admires TJ's passions, but his primary purpose is to save lives and to leave Cyrus' management alone. 

Portia questions whether Jordan is protecting Cyrus. Jordan says she's worried about TJ's future. Portia tears a strip off of Jordan about her lack of investigation into Cyrus. Jordan says she's protecting them. 

Sonny summons Ava to tell her that Ryan called to ask him to visit. Sonny questions why Ryan would reach out to him. Ava says Ryan is sick and twisted, and tells Sonny not to visit him. Ava insists that Sonny not go because it's a trap. Sonny becomes suspicious, but Ava says Ryan will find Sonny's weakness and exploit it. 

Peter tells Valentin that he got a call from Helena. Valentin says someone's messing with him and it's likely to be Spinelli. He says it's a trap and tells Peter not to meet with Helena. Valentin warns Peter to back off Spinelli and focus on the future with Maxie and the baby. 

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Anna's tied up in the basement and wonders what Alex wants. Alex says she's Peter's mother and is determined to take her place in his life. Anna questions Alex's real motives and asks about the trouble she's in. Alex admits she has people coming after her and the only way to save herself is to pretend to be Anna. Anna says Valentin, Robert, and Finn will know that Alex isn't her. 

Valentin arrives at the house to update Anna on Alex's whereabouts. Alex channels her inner Anna. Valentin wants Anna to tell Peter the truth about his mother. Valentin warns "Anna" that Alex will get to Peter before she does and will turn him against them. Valentin says he's going to stop Alex. "Anna" says she always does what's best for her son, which confuses Valentin. Alex covers, but Valentin is still suspicious. 

Franco meets with Kevin and tells him the brain tumor is back and inoperable. Kevin says there are other treatments. Franco worries about the symptoms returning, especially the personality changes. Kevin asks about side effects or loss of time, but Franco doesn't know. Kevin says Franco needs to tell those he loves. 

Peter summons Spinelli and tells him about the phone call. He says he knows it was a scheme cooked up by him. Peter threatens Spinelli to back off. Peter says he'll go back to his dark self to protect Maxie and his baby. 

Ava tells Julian about Ryan's call to Sonny. Ava thinks Julian should take Nikolas' offer to help him disappear. Julian doesn't want to give up his life and argues with Ava. Ava decides she'll try to get through to Ryan again. 

Cyrus stops by the pub and Julian says he's ready to deal with him. 

Sonny pays Ryan a visit. Ryan says he has information that Sonny will want. 

Anna manages to undo her gag and call out, which Valentin hears. Alex injects Valentin with something.