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Laura Wright Dishes on 15 Years as Carly, Queenpin of General Hospital

Laura Wright, General Hospital

General Hospital's Laura Wright celebrates 15 years in the role of Carly Corinthos on Nov. 4. The actress chatted with TV Insider about the confidence she brings to the role and how she gels with her on-screen family.

Her previous starring roles on soaps prepared her to become the lynchpin of the Corinthos clan and associated pals. Wright explained:

I think it gave me the confidence that I needed to make the move and being able to walk on set and play Carly. You can’t come on being afraid. Jason [Steve Burton], Sonny [Maurice Benard], and Carly are a threesome. They’re a family. I couldn’t be the weak link. Carly is the rock, really, in a lot of ways. She’s the rock for Sonny, and Jason’s the rock for her.

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Wright did her due diligence before transforming into Carly. She explained:

I read the scripts and listened to [writer] Elizabeth Korte, the 'forever writer and historian' of the show. I had to bring my own version of Carly. I didn’t go back and watch anything. I didn’t want to mimic anyone else. I had to bring, of course, what made Carly her – the feistiness of Sarah [Brown], the emotions and depth of Tamara [Braun], and the intensity that Jenny [Bransford] brought to that part. I wanted to bring all of that and also humor. Carly has this childlike quality that a person would have to have in order to justify some of the things Carly says and does.

Wright enjoys playing "mama bear" Carly, whose kids are a bit older. She dished:

I love it! I never care about the age because it’s not about me, it's about the story. As long as I’ve got a great story, it’s all good. (Laughs) I wasn’t loving Carly being pregnant! I didn’t mind the age, but I just didn’t want to wear that [fake] belly!