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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Spills His Blood Instead of the Hot Tea on General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Jon Lindstrom

Portia calls Jordan a dirty cop and accuses her of being on Cyrus' payroll. The two argue and Portia threatens to tell the Feds about Jordan. Jordan admits to Portia that Cyrus was the one who had TJ kidnapped. Jordan says she has no choice but to do Cyrus' bidding in order to protect TJ.

Jordan explains everything, from working with Cyrus and fabricating the evidence against him, as well as Taggert's involvement. Portia apologizes and says she understands what Jordan is doing. Jordan complains how she's having difficulty getting to Cyrus. Portia offers her help. 

Cyrus is thrilled that Julian now needs him. Julian wants this deal to happen immediately and tells Cyrus that Ryan has information that needs to be stopped. Julian tells Cyrus about the baby swap and Nelle's blackmail. Cyrus agrees to do what Julian wants. 

Ava tries to get in to see Ryan, but Sonny's already there. Ryan teases Sonny that he has something he will want to hear, but Sonny tells Ryan he doesn't play games. Ryan says the person that hurt Sonny's family will get away with it if Sonny doesn't pay attention. 

Ava insists that the guard let her in. Sonny talks to Ava, who says she's here because Ryan will mess with his head. She begs Sonny to leave, but he heads back in, eager to hear what Ryan has to say. Ryan slumps over, stabbed in the back. (Man, that Cyrus works quickly. Take a page from his book, Sonny!)

Finn worries when Anna's late for her meeting with Jackie and Chase. Finn calls, but Alex convinces him that everything is fine. Finn continues to worry and heads out to find Anna. Jackie gets a call and tells Chase she needs to leave tonight. Before she leaves, Jackie tells Chase that she's divorcing his father. 

Alex injects Valentin and he falls to the ground. He's unable to move, but can still talk. Alex says she wants to get her son back. Valentin says she's around to take over Anna's life and protect herself. Alex pulls out a knife, but Anna shows up, gun in hand. 

Alex threatens to kill Valentin, so Anna drops the gun. Alex knocks Anna out. When she comes around, she sees that she and Valentin are tied up in a warehouse with a bomb that is ready to blow in an hour. Alex takes Anna's engagement ring and leaves. 

Peter is late for a sonogram appointment and is upset, but Maxie calms him down. Peter says this baby will make him the man he always wanted to be. (Now there's a burden to put on a baby's shoulders. Man up on your own dime Peter!)

Jordan summons Cyrus to the hospital. She warns him that he needs to change his management style because the staff will protest. Jordan then passes out on him. 

Ava calls Julian to let him know that Ryan got a knife to the back, but doesn't know if he lived.

Finn comes home to an empty house.

Alex finds Maxie and Peter at the hospital, and gushes over the sonogram.

Anna and Valentin are determined not to die today.