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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Theo Causes Chaos for the Abbotts

Theo Vanderway, The Young and the Restless

Devon: The brooding billionaire (Bryton James) gives Amanda (Mishael Morgan) a big, strong shoulder to lean on.

Billy/Lily: The Abbott bad boy (Jason Thompson) and the communications exec (Christel Khalil) get a little bit spicy. Will this cool off when Billy schemes to get a good story for Chancellor Communications?

Chance/Abby: Things between the former FBI agent (Donny Boaz) and the Newman-Abbott (Melissa Ordway) hybrid are getting serious. It's so serious, Chance decides to pop the question to Abby! While the couple is basking in their new relationship status, Abby discovers some stunning intel about her beau, while Chance and Adam's (Mark Grossman) friendship sours.

Phyllis: Hot tea falls right into Red's (Michelle Stafford) lap, and not the kind you drink. What will Phyllis do with the info she receives?

Summer: The tartlet (Hunter King) starts to side-eye Sally (Courtney Hope). Will she uncover Sally's secret?

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Victor: The Black Knight (Eric Braeden) doesn't budge when his kids Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) push back against him.

Paul: GC's Chief of Police (Doug Davidson) has a suspect in mind and uncovers a plot for revenge.

Lauren: The department store heiress (Tracey Bregman) flips things on Jack (Peter Bergman). Watch for Lauren to make a big move.

Sharon: The budding therapist (Sharon Case) goes back on her word.

Theo: The social media guru (Tyler Johnson) is still steaming about the Abbotts not welcoming him into the family. Theo really held onto Jack's word of wanting him to be a part of the family but feels like it was just that: words. Watch for Theo to get their attention by going after Dina's estate. 

Look for Theo to try and be a mole for Sally at Jabot, but sis isn't feeling it. She knows Theo likes mess and also knows she'd be a fool to throw in with someone going to war with the Abbots. Watch for Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) to be hired as Theo's lawyer. Will he win?