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WATCH: Susan Lucci and Finola Hughes Recall Meeting Kelly Ripa on All My Children

Kelly Ripa

Some of the cast of All My Children held a virtual reunion on Live! with Kelly and Ryan to celebrate Kelly Ripa's 30 years with The Walt Disney Company. Pine Valley's head diva, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), came in person to Live's studios, where she remembered her first encounter with Ripa, who played Hayley Vaughn Santos from 1990-2002 and briefly in 2010. When Lucci was asked by Ripa's co-host Ryan Seacrest what she remembered about meeting her for the first time, La Lucci stated,

Well, here in New York, we don't have dressing rooms that also have any kind of amenities. There's no bathroom in our dressing rooms in New York. So we would all use the public bathroom. I went in there just before we were going to taping. In walked Kelly in complete goth, as Hayley, you know, black hair, black, black, black, and she came right over and leaned on the counter of the sinks and she said, 'Hi, I'm Kelly Ripa and I just want to you know I have it in my contract to get all your wardrobe [laughs].' So I loved her immediately.

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Later, General Hospital and former AMC star Finola Hughes (ex-Anna/Alex) also had a funny memory of meeting Ripa for the first time, as well. Hughes stated,

Well, I just started, and this beautiful blonde woman started to walk towards me down the hallway. She was reciting lines from something and I didn't recognize it because clearly I hadn't learn it very well the first time. As she got closer, she was like, 'We made it!' and she was just saying all these lines from Staying Alive, which was a monologue that I had.

Staying Alive was the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, which Hughes starred in alongside John Travolta, which Ripa quipped was her favorite movie to date. To hear what Ripa had to say about her Hayley attire and Walt Willey's (ex-Jackson Montgomery) take on Seacrest's 2019 Halloween costume of Jackson, watch the clip below.