Perkie's Observations: An Ailing Franco Asks Jason to Pull His Plug on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Steve Burton

Roger Howarth, Steve Burton

Jordan is admitted to the hospital. Curtis confronts Cyrus in Jordan's room. Portia reassures Curtis that Cyrus was not responsible for Jordan's collapse. Cyrus tells Portia that Jordan needs to receive the VIP treatment. 

Curtis checks in on Jordan who tells him that she and Portia staged the whole thing. Cyrus comes in and wants to know what's happening with Jordan. Portia says there are possible complications with Jordan's kidney and she needs to see a specialist. Portia helps Jordan make plans to leave tonight. 

Jason and Robert discuss taking down Peter, no matter the pain it will cause Maxie. Robert complains about Spinelli's stupidity in challenging Peter rather than playing along. 

Anna worries about escaping the handcuffs and the building before it blows up. Valentin apologizes to Anna for not realizing it was Alex right away, and wants her dead. The two manage to undo themselves and escape just as the building explodes. 

Lulu interviews an acquaintance of Cyrus', who makes a pass at her. Dante interrupts to throw his weight around, but Lulu tells him that she can handle things. The man is spooked by Dante and takes off. Lulu is angry with Dante for messing up her interview. Dante says he wants what's best for her, even if they're not together. Lulu complains about Rocco's reaction the last time Dante left. Dante swears he's not going anywhere. Lulu says she's not setting her life aside now that he's back. 

Liz is glad that Franco is feeling better, though he gets emotional about their life together. 

Terry and Liz hang out with Epiphany to cheer her up after her breakup with Milo. The three toast their friendship. 

Finn is worried about Anna and leaves voice messages for her. He sees the empty lab envelope in the garbage and calls Robert. Finn updates Robert on his concerns about Anna's plan to lure Alex out of hiding. Robert gets the call about the gas explosion. 

"Anna" is thrilled to be spending time with Maxie and Peter, and promises that no one will ever tear them apart. Alex tells Peter she made peace with his conception, and she can help him be the best man he can be. After Alex leaves, Maxie mentions that "Anna" seemed different. 

Franco meets with Jason and asks him to kill him. Franco tells him about the brain tumor and how he doesn't want to find out what he's capable of. Jason thinks Franco is trying to set him up, but Franco swears he's telling the truth. Jason says he'll protect Liz and the boys. 

Robert gets to the warehouse explosion. Anna borrows his phone to call Finn and tells him that he's in danger. Alex arrives at the house.