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Perkie's Observations: Julian's Luck With Sonny Runs Out on General Hospital

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Julian Jerome, General Hospital

William deVry

Sam confronts Alexis about her drinking. She wants to get her mother into detox. Alexis calls Sam a nag. Sam wants an explanation for the bottle of vodka in Alexis' cupboard. Alexis says she just wants to feel good and wants Sam's acceptance.

Sam says her mother is a risk to her children when she's drinking. Alexis reminds Sam that she lives with a hitman. Alexis says she would never hurt her grandchildren. Sam says if Alexis doesn't get help, she will keep the kids away from her. Alexis refuses to cow tow to Sam's demands. 

Julian checks in with Ava on Ryan's condition. Ava says he's out of surgery, but is still unconscious. She says Ryan's brain was deprived of oxygen from the blood loss and they don't know the extent of the damage. Ava says Ryan didn't have the letter on him when he was taken to the hospital. 

Julian tells Ava that he made a deal to get rid of Ryan and the letter. Ava's not happy that Julian sold his soul to the devil. Julian brings up the guy that jumped him on the pier and shows her Trina's phone with Taggert's photo. Ava tells Julian that he's Trina's father. Ava worries that Taggert will talk to Sonny, who will put the pieces together. Ava tells Julian to disappear while he still can. 

Taggert stops by Sonny's. They talk about Connie, since Taggert is staying at her old house, and how Ava killed her. Sonny says he needs to tell Carly about him. Taggert mentions all the people who already know he's alive, including the bartender from Halloween. Taggert says the bartender was the same man who shot him on the pier. Sonny realizes that Julian was involved. 

Lulu updates Peter about her article on Cyrus. She believes he's using the hospital to launder money. Peter says he can't publish the article since she has no proof. Lulu says Cyrus is a threat and he needs to be stopped. Peter wants Lulu to focus on the victims of the drug epidemic instead. 

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Alex and Maxie show up at Anna's house, and Finn manages to let Anna know via code. Once Alex leaves the room, Finn tries to get Maxie to leave. Alex pulls out her gun. Finn wants Alex to let Maxie go, but Alex says they're taking a little trip. Finn and Alex fight over the gun, which goes off. 

Anna and Robert get to the house and find Finn with a bullet in his chest. Finn tells Anna that Alex took Maxie to the pier. Robert puts out an APB on Alex. Finn is taken to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Robert tells Peter that Alex took Maxie, and Anna has gone after them. Peter checks in on Finn, who manages to whisper that Anna wants so much to be his mother. 

Jason finds Britt playing poker at The Rib. Cyrus' name comes up, but Britt says she's not taking sides. She says the offer to be in charge was too good to pass up. Jason thinks something else happened to bring her back to town. 

Lulu interrupts to tear a strip off of Britt. When Britt takes off, Jason tells Lulu to back off Britt because Cyrus might come after her.

Sonny has Jason pick up Julian. 

Alex takes Maxie to the Haunted Star, while she waits for a helicopter. She promises Maxie that she won't hurt her.

Anna shows up and the Devane women hold guns on each other.