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Brad Bell Dishes Thomas' "Bold and Beautiful" Obsession, Possible Taylor Return

Bradley Bell

The Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell is making headlines for his use of mannequins during COVID-19, both on and off-screen. He chatted with TV Soap about bringing the dolls to life, creating a human-dummy romance, and whether a fan fave will return to the screen anytime soon.

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Bell found that having a love interest be inanimate made things easier, given coronavirus restrictions. He dished:

That was another reason we went down this path. We had to limit the amount of bodies [in scenes]. We’ve limited some scenes to just two people. I thought maybe we can do better than that. We can do one-person scenes if the other ‘character’ is inanimate.

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What made Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) the right person to fall for a doll? Bell lavished praise on Atkinson, saying:

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I think because his character has played the psychological and emotional extremes of the baby Beth story. Matt really did a brilliant job with that. It just felt like a natural ‘Chapter 2’ to that story. It’s been wonderful to dig back into this man’s head and throw in a little [outlandish] twist. He felt like a natural conduit.

One benefit of loving a fake version of Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle)? He won't have to compete with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) for her heart; when TV Soap noted he wouldn't have to worry about Hope shouting Liam's name during sex, Bell laughed and agreed. 

But Thomas definitely needs some help, and that could come in the form of his mother, psychiatrist Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). 

Will the good doctor return home to help her oldest child? Bell said:

I would love it if Taylor would come back at some point when the story calls for it. Hunter’s an amazing actress and has been a great part of the show for many years. I never rule out the possibility of a return of Dr. Taylor Hayes.