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Here Is Alex Trebek's Final Jeopardy! Airdate

Alex Trebek, Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! will air its final episode with Alex Trebek on a special day. Sony Pictures announced that Trebek continued recording in the studio through Oct. 29, in the final weeks of his life, and fans will view his last-ever recording on Dec. 25.

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Executive producer Mike Richards told CNN:

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That first show of that final week, which is unbelievably the week of Christmas, he gives a speech talking about togetherness, how important family is, and it will resonate even more now.

It was so beautiful that we were all emotional, we were all in tears and we all started clapping and it almost distracted him because he was going, ‘OK, now let’s play Jeopardy!’

Richards added:

As a professional, the fact that he kept pushing and that he recorded what would now be his final episodes less than two weeks ago, gives you an idea of just how much he believed in the show, how much he cared for it.