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Carrie Ann Inaba Talks That 'Talk': "Yes, We're Looking" for a New Co-Host

Carrie Ann Inaba

On the heels of Eve announcing her impending exit from The Talk, co-host Carrie Ann Inaba weighed in. The dancer offered her two cents, telling Entertainment Tonight how much she'll miss the Grammy-winning rapper.

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Inaba shared of Eve's departure:

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That's heartbreaking because we are so close, all of us. It's really sad, but at the same [time], it's a mixed bag of emotions because Eve wants to start a family. She's glowing. Something is right for her to be where she is.

But Eve's spot at The Talk table might not be vacant for long. Inaba revealed:

Yes, we're looking. We're going to make sure that while no one -- let's just make sure -- no one can replace Eve, we are going to look for somebody that brings a lot to the show and we will do our audience proud, I promise you.

What type of person does she think will be a good fit? Inaba shared:

I just want somebody that's current, of the moment, educated, compassionate, that knows how to be a team player because when you're on a talk show like that and you go to work every day, the chemistry is important. We need to make sure there's the right chemistry, but we want somebody who has an interesting viewpoint, something new, brings something to the table, maybe doesn't always agree with us.