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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail’s Loose Lips Drip With Disdain as She Exposes Jack and Kate’s Tawdry Tryst

Marci Miller

Marci Miller

We begin our day in Salem with Abigail (Marci Miller) spilling Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Kate's (Lauren Koslow) mess all over the pristine floor at Julie's Place. Jennifer Rose (Cady McClain) wants to see the letter, but Kate is more concerned with why Abigail’s nosy ass was all up in her room without permission! Abs explains she went to borrow a pair of shoes, but came across this box of letters. Kate is clearly just irked at being a part of this Deveraux dreck. Abigail is drunky drunk and goes on to scream as to why in the name of year long comas, was her daddy writing Kate letters whilst her mama was asleep for an entire year? 

As the day continues, it's revealed that Jack was lonely and had dinner with Kate. Alcohol reared its pretty head and Jack ended up in Kate’s bed. Jack woke up the next morning and realized he had inserted himself into the feud between Kate and Laura. He headed to the hospital where Jennifer Rose soon returned to the land of the living - much to Princess Gina’s chagrin. 

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