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Perkie's Observations: Anna Shoots Before Alex Disappears Into the Drink on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Robert tells Chase about Finn's condition, then calls Jackie to let her know. Robert checks in on Valentin, who has smoke inhalation. Robert updates Valentin, but wants him to back off. Valentin says Anna is going to have to kill Alex, which is fine with Robert. 

The Devane women shoot at each other. Maxie doesn't understand the concept of keep your mouth shut when being held by a crazy person. Anna distracts Alex and manages to get a shot off, which hits Alex before she runs away.

Anna chases Alex onto the bridge of the boat. Maxie calls out to Anna, allowing her to shoot Alex again. Alex says Anna can't save Peter because he's too much like her. When Anna looks away, Alex throws herself into the water. 

Finn crashes and Portia starts CPR just as Chase arrives. Peter updates Chase that Alex is in town impersonating Anna. Chase and Peter feel helpless. Robert lets them know the PCPD and the WSB are working together.

Portia updates Chase that Finn is suffering from cardiac tamponade, an accumulation of fluid in the pericardium. She says they will need to take Finn to surgery, but makes no promises on his survival. Robert questions Portia, who admits that if things get worse for Finn, the sac around his heart will need to be removed. She says people can live without it, but it's better to have it. 

Jason brings Julian to Sonny's and Ava joins them. She's upset with Sonny for summoning Julian. Ava says they have an agreement to get along. Sonny wants answers as to why Julian was on the docks with Nelle the night Wiley was kidnapped.

Sonny says Nelle wasn't working alone. Ava tries to defend Julian. Sonny says Nelle had something on Julian, which is why he married her. Julian wants to know how Sonny would know he was on the docks, unless there was a witness. 

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Sonny pushes the issue. Julian tells him that he found out Nelle was running and tried to stop her. At that point, someone intervened. He describes Taggert and says he looked healthy for a dead man. Sonny warns him to keep quiet about Taggert being alive. Julian warns Sonny if he moves on him, he'll tell Cyrus about Taggert. 

Dev has a birthday present for Joss, which is another journal. Joss says she loves it. Dev leans in for a kiss, which Joss stops. When Trina shows up, Joss shows her the journal. Dev gets weird, accusing Joss treating him like garbage when she was all over him months ago. Joss says her feelings for him changed. Dev bad mouths Cameron and his lack of feelings for both girls. 

Dev storms out and Joss goes after him. She tells Dev that she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. Dev says Joss will eventually dump Cameron, since he's not Oscar. After Dev takes off, Joss and Trina discuss Cameron, but don't believe the things Dev said about him.

Ava arrives with Trina's phone. 

Valentin summons Martin and says his will is out of date. He wants to revisit Charlotte's custody. Valentin says he needs to make sure his daughter is protected because he believes Alex will come after him. Valentin admits that he's planning on taking Alex out. 

Ava reprimands Julian, telling him if Cyrus knew that Taggert was alive, he'd take it out on Trina. Ava warns Julian that he'd better not do anything to harm Trina. Julian promises he won't' say anything to Cyrus. 

Anna and Maxie get to the hospital. Maxie is reunited with Peter and tells Robert that Alex is dead.

Chase sits in the chapel, praying for Finn. Anna joins him.