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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Hope Is Supportive of Thomas' Creative Outlets

Hope Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle

Hope (Annika Noelle) is in Thomas' (Matthew Atkinson) apartment with her lookalike mannequin. Hope tells him she understands how much designing for Hope For The Future means to him. Poor Thomas tells her how no one wanted anything to do with him, but he acknowledges it was for a good reason. Hope gives Thomas . . . ummm . . . hope . . . since he's been working hard at rebuilding the connections he busted up. 

Thomas claims he's determined to be a more reliable person and a better father. Hope thanks Thomas for letting her and Liam (Scott Clifton) help raise Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri). She thinks it's great for him, but not so much for Thomas. Hope thinks he has a lonely existence just bouncing between work and home, which may work for his creativity and little else.

Thomas tells Hope that Liam thinks his roommate situation is creepy. Hope agrees that it is and admits it gave her pause. Thomas claims it's not what it looks like, as he gets shots of energy from its presence, which helps his creativity. Thomas says he doesn't want to put his job on the line. Hope has no plans to take him off her line and encourages his creativity by saying she wants to see more . . . whatever it takes.

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Thomas tells her that no one was supposed to know the mannequin was there. Hope adds it's not necessary for him to return it to the office because he's an artist. Though she may not be completely be understanding of how he goes about his creative process, she can't deny the amazing results. Cue Thomas squirming and trying not to look completely uncomfortable.

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