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Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Layoffs at Show's Digital Arm After WarnerMedia Restructuring

Ellen DeGeneres recently addressed layoffs at Ellen Digital Ventures. EDV is responsible for Ellentube and other online properties associated with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to BuzzFeed News, the often-embattled talk show host talked to her employees about how WarnerMedia restructuring led to 17 people being let go.

At a virtual meeting on Nov. 10, DeGeneres, EPs Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly, and Warner Bros. TV executive vice president of programming David McGuire, spoke to their team. DeGeneres said:

I obviously as am heartbroken as everybody, but we have to know that this is all for the good of EDV, and we need to keep this going because we have such a great team and we believe in y’all, and we will get through this just like we’ve gotten through all kinds of other things. Know that we believe in you and I know this is hard for y’all to hear, and we are here for you.

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She stressed her team's continued commitment to digital projects, adding:

When I was told that this had to happen, it was obviously a shock, but this is happening to every business, every company. I mean, everyone is being impacted by COVID. We are in the same position that so many other businesses are struggling with, and it just is a reality as much as we would not like it to be.

But not all staffers, despite having been told of EDV's declining performance, were reassured. While layoffs were announced (and before a meeting was announced), employees weren't sure if they'd be invited to a private discussion to learn about what was going on. An employee told BuzzFeed News:

Everyone here feels like the sky is falling.