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Perkie's Observations: Laura Surprises Jordan and Curtis on Their Mission on General Hospital

Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Robert joins Anna in the chapel. She explains what happened to Alex. Robert says no body was found, but Anna is certain that Alex is dead. Robert asks if Alex confirmed if she was Peter's mother, but Anna says she's focused on Finn and the fact that she had to kill Alex. 

Willow stops by to offer Chase support while he waits for Finn to get out of surgery. (There was more chemistry between these two in the first five minutes of this scene than in all the Millow scenes put together. Put Chillow back together, show.) Chase tells Willow about the thaw between Jackie and Finn, and how he thought they could finally be a family. 

Chase worries about Violet and how this will impact her. Willow tells Chase to focus on the good things and reassures him that he'll be there for Violet if needed. Willow tells Chase about the annulment, but the adoption is going through. 

Maxies worries about Finn, and how Anna and Violet will handle things if he doesn't make it. Maxie wonders what Alex wanted and Peter flashes back to the conversation he had with Alex when he thought she was Anna. 

Cyrus and Lulu argue about his position at the hospital. She accuses him of getting rid of employees close to Sonny. Cyrus questions whether she wants a fight, then Dante intervenes. After Cyrus leaves, Lulu's angry with Dante for stepping in to protect her. 

In Oregon, Jordan and Curtis search the house that Cyrus was keeping. The two find signs of medical equipment and a partially torn up note from Cyrus. 

Ned stops by Alexis' and asks if she was drunk the night they slept together. Ned offers to help since they're friends, but Alexis doesn't want it. He says he's worried, but Alexis thinks it has more to do with them having sex rather than her alcoholism. Ned says Olivia never has to know and Alexis promises she won't say anything. 

Epiphany lets Anna know that Finn's out of surgery and stable. Anna sits with Finn until he wakes up and updates him on what happened. Finn knows Anna is keeping something from him. Anna's upset she almost lost Finn. She wants to get married right away and doesn't need all the over the top stuff. 

Robert tells Olivia about his talk with Anna and their argument in the chapel. Robert feels badly, but Olivia reassures him he was supportive to Anna when she needed it.

Dante runs into them and mentions he's working security at The Invader. Olivia's thrilled that Dante is home safe, and thanks Robert for it. 

Lulu visits with Maxie. Dante drops by briefly to check in on Maxie. Maxie wants to know what's going on with Lulu and Dante. Lulu says Dante keeps showing up and interfering in her work. 

Chase sits with Finn and jokingly complains about all the things they don't have in common or are interested in. Chase says now that's gotten to know him, he appreciates Finn as his brother. Finn is surprised at someone's arrival (Dear old dad, perhaps?)

Anna tells Peter that Alex is no longer a threat to any of them. Peter admits how his darker impulses grew the longer Alex had Maxie. He adds he didn't know what he may be capable of if Anna hadn't rescued Maxie.

Jordan and Curtis are caught by surprise when Laura arrives at the house they are investigating. (I totally recognized the house as the set of the old Spencer house. Was that just a coincidence or are Jordan and Curtis at the Spencer's old house, and that's why Laura is there?)