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The Young and the Restless Recap: Theo Exposes His Get Rich Quick Scheme to Sally

Chance Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

Tyler Johnson

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) pop into the Grand Phoenix to visit with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson), Kevin (Greg Rikaart), and Miles. Chloe asks Lauren about what's happening at Fenmore's because Chloe wants to talk about fashion. She adds she's working with a new line and claims Lauren may not know who the designer is. Lauren is intrigued and tells Chloe to send the designer's portfolio to her new assistant, Sally Spectra. 

At Society, Sally (Courtney Hope) and Theo (Tyler Johnson) are sharing a drink. Sally admits she finds Theo intriguing. Theo wonders what she could possibly mean. She refers to the inheritance he didn't get. Theo tells her he not only wants his fair share of his grandmother's fortune, but may go after all of it, legally of course. Sally is surprised when Theo tells her his grandmother is Dina Abbott Mergeron. Theo explains the story to Sally of how he came to be a member of the not so happy family.

Sally wonders how Theo is entitled to any of the money. He claims his father should have gotten it, but his life turned out completely different. He further claims the Abbotts are already filthy rich and don't need Dina's money, but he does.

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Theo doesn't flinch when Sally tells him she could blow his plans out of the water by going straight to the Abbotts. He thinks Sally admires this type of behavior and wouldn't say anything. Theo wonders if Sally could be content getting Lauren Fenmore her coffee every morning. Sally admits she has her eye on a much bigger prize.

Just then, Summer (Hunter King) walks in. When she sees the two of them with their heads together, she turns and walks out.

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