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Perkie's Observations: Big Daddy Hamilton Pays a Visit to Baby Finn on General Hospital

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Hamilton Finn, General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, Josh Swickard, Michael Easton

Laura says she's following a lead on Cyrus and is surprised to see that Jordan isn't in the hospital. Jordan admits her medical issue is a cover and explains about Cyrus grabbing TJ. Laura wants all the details, so Jordan tells her about being under Cyrus' thumb. 

Curtis says Portia helped plan the medical issue, allowing them to investigate Cyrus. Laura's not happy with the lengths they've gone to, but Jordan says she had to do it to protect her family. Laura is sympathetic, but also feels she'll need to take a closer look at Jordan's work. 

Curtis tells Laura about the medical supplies found in the house and shows her the partial letter. Jordan mentions the old file that Cyrus was interested in and shows it to Laura. Laura reacts as though she recognizes it, but tells them she doesn't. When alone, Laura calls someone and tells them they are in trouble. 

Jason tells Sonny that Franco wants him to kill him because the tumor is back. Sonny thinks Franco is playing games. Jason says he'll have Spinelli look into his medical records. Taggert shows up and wants to know what Sonny's plans are for Julian. Sonny promises that he's keeping an eye on Julian. 

Cyrus pays Sonny a visit to complain about what Lulu wrote in The Invader. He says it goes against their truce, but Jason says it's all on public record. Jason wants Monica and Bobbie reinstated. Cyrus says rehiring Monica and Bobbie would be a liability since they were fired for cause. Cyrus claims the hospital is a legitimate business. Sonny says the article was not hostile, but if Cyrus retaliates, it would be the end to their truce.

Scotty's upset with Franco for not telling him about his brief hospital stay. Franco claims everything is fine, but he asks Scotty to take a look at his life insurance policy. Scotty thinks Franco wants to fix his financial issues by committing suicide. Franco denies it and says he wants advice on his will.

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Gregory's in town to make sure Finn is okay. The two make awkward small talk. Greg and Chase step out when Liz comes in to check on Finn. Chase asks his father about the divorce, but Greg says he and Jackie are going to work things out. 

Dante's snooping around Peter's office and copies Invader computer files. Peter is surprised to find him there. Dante claims an authorized user was trying to access Peter's files, which Dante was investigating. Dante calls Dr. Kirk and tells him he has what they need. 

Lulu and Maxie discuss Dante. Lulu complains about Dante's interference in her life. Lulu says she loves Dustin and her life with Dante is over.

Valentin overhears Peter tell Anna how Alex's words struck a chord with him. Anna brings up her grandchild. Peter leaves, then Valentin wonders if Anna plans on telling Peter who his mother really is.

Anna says Alex has done enough damage and she needs to protect Peter. Anna feels badly that she never went searching for Peter to give him protection. She says only the two of them and Finn know that Peter isn't her son, but Valentin says she can't tell Finn the truth. 

Anna sits with Finn, who asks who Peter's mother is. Anna lies and says the tests show Faison had the RA gene. Anna says there's no reason to tell Peter since she loves him like a son.

Franco finally tells Liz that the tumor is back.