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Perkie's Observations: Liz Learns the Truth About Franco's Tumor on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Franco tells Liz that his brain tumor's back and growing. Liz is upset that he didn't tell her sooner. Franco mentions the tumor's inoperable. Liz wants a second opinion, but Franco says he worries about turning back into who he was. 

Franco mentions losing time and worries about the damage he's capable of. Liz says not all tumors are the same and believes those tendencies are gone. Franco tells her to promise to leave if there's any sign of danger. Liz says their love will allow them not to give up. She's certain Franco will survive this. 

Carly tells Jax that Nelle's death has officially been ruled an accident. Jax wonders why she isn't happier about the news. Carly says there's something about that night that still bothers her. 

Nina talks to Carly and Jax about her worries for Sasha and her drug use. Sasha overhears and confronts them, telling them all to mind their business.

Brando complains to Cyrus about Sonny while playing bodyguard for him.

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Sasha joins Cyrus. She mentions the free drugs she received and knows they were from him. She wants to know what Cyrus wants from her in return. Cyrus claims he just wants Sasha's friendship. 

Nina insists on talking to Cyrus and tells him to stay away from Sasha. Cyrus says he's enjoying Sasha's company. Nina says Sasha's in a bad place and wants Cyrus to back off. Cyrus says they are only friends. Nina warns him off again. 

Sasha questions why Brando is working for Cyrus. Brando counters that he's curious why Sasha is dating Cyrus. (Was this supposed to be a chem test between these two because I don't see it.) Sasha says she barely knows Cyrus. Later, Cyrus has another baggie of drugs for her. Carly quietly asks Brando to keep an eye on Sasha. 

Michael finds Willow painting Wiley's room. Willow admits to Michael that she went to see Chase after Finn was shot. Michael gets the annulment papers and the two look them over. They're hesitant about signing them and share a moment. 

Brook Lynn tells Chase she's moving back to her mother's in New York City. The two joke about him arresting her for old times' sake before she leaves. Chase sings her praises, saying he likes having her around. Brook Lynn doesn't believe him, but Chase says he wants to be honest. Brook Lynn asks about his feelings for Willow. Chase admits he still has them. Brook Lynn tells Chase to tell Willow how he feels. Chase says he broke Willow's heart and can't get back together with her. Brook Lynn wants the truth about Chase and Sasha. 

Chase tells Brook Lynn the truth about pretending to have the affair. Brook Lynn says the circumstances have changed and he needs to tell Willow the truth. Chase says it's too late, but Brook Lynn says he has to talk to Willow. 

Phyllis Caulfield is in town, and is reunited with Nina. Nina asks what happened to her baby.