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Perkie's Observations: Carly Connects the Dots Between Nelle and Nina on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

Phyllis says she was present when Nina gave birth and knows her daughter lived. Nina asks what happened to the baby. Phyllis says Madeline found a stable home for the baby and delivered her to the family. Phyllis says she went to a little town in North Florida. She has no names or any way to trace them. Phyllis says she gave the baby the other half of the heart necklace. 

Brook Lynn tells Chase he made the decision for Willow and she needs to make up her own mind. She thinks Willow needs to know the truth. Chase says he'll talk to Willow if she'll talk to Ned. 

Ned complains to Monica about Brook Lynn, but Monica's not interested in his pity party. She warns him to smarten up when it comes to Brook Lynn. 

Willow and Michael share a Covid kiss. He says he doesn't want to sign the annulment papers and asks if Willow does. Willow admits she's not ready to sign them either. The two agree to take their time and see where things go between them. They also admit they have feelings for each other, then have sex. (I too have feelings, feelings of disgust and acid reflux.)

Brook Lynn heads to the mansion with Chase to talk to Ned. She says she's going back to live with Lois until she figures out what's next. Ned blames himself, but Brook Lynn says she needs time to regroup. Ned wants her to stay and asks her to figure things out in Port Charles.

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Chase heads upstairs to talk to Willow and finds her and Michael making out. 

Cyrus invites Sasha to his place for dinner. Brando warns Cyrus that Sasha is trouble he doesn't need. He mentions Sasha's past with Michael and how it could cause issues. Cyrus says he can handle things with Sasha. 

Sasha enjoys Cyrus' party favors and flirts with him. Cyrus asks who she's trying to forget. Sasha gets angry that Cyrus is trying to shrink her. Sasha screams at Cyrus, then has an attack and falls to the ground. 

Carly tells Jason that Sasha is hanging out with Cyrus. She says Sasha's life is falling apart and she needs to do something about it. Jason disagrees, saying Sasha made the choice to take the drugs and hang out with Cyrus. Jason says they don't want a war with Cyrus. Carly understands, but doesn't want to let it go. Jason tells her to reach out to Sasha and just be her friend.

Sonny talks to Jason about the similarities between Sasha and Cyrus, and his past with Karen. He admits he exploited her and doesn't want to be like Cyrus. Jason says he can't change the past, but Sonny changed his path and doesn't deal with drugs anymore. 

Carly gets Avery ready and sees the necklace around her neck. Avery says it's her good luck charm and Carly remembers a conversation with Nina who said her daughter had the other half. Carly realizes it was Nelle.