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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Leaves Town With a Little Valentin Tucked Away on General Hospital

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Briana Lane

Briana Lane

Chase sees Millow making out and storms off. Willow says she regrets what Chase saw, but doesn't regret what she and Michael did. Michael says it meant a lot to him. 

Brando wants to call 911, but Cyrus doesn't want Sasha tied to him. He tells Brando to get rid of her. 

Jason and Sonny figure Cyrus is using the hospital to pass his drugs. Sonny says they need to shut it down. Brando calls Sonny about Sasha, then Jason calls Michael to meet them at the hospital. 

Ned apologizes to Brook Lynn, worried that he's turning into Edward. Brook Lynn apologizes for selling her shares to Valentin. She says she needs distance and Ned accepts that she's going away for a while. (If this is the end of Briana Lane, I'll be sad. Brook Lynn annoys the crap out of me, but BL made her palatable.)

Nina thinks she needs to stop looking for her daughter, though Jax doesn't think they should give up. 

Carly asks Avery where she found the necklace. Avery explains she found it at the cabin. Carly gets the necklace from Avery and calls Jax to come over immediately. When Jax gets there, Carly tells him she thinks Nelle is Nina's daughter. 

Carly shows him the necklace and says Nelle was wearing it that night she fell. Jax explains the nurse told him about dropping off the baby in Florida. Jax wonders how he'll tell Nina, but Carly says he shouldn't. Jax says Nina is planning on continuing the search. Carly tells him to let Nina search for her daughter and not tell her the truth. 

Julian is concerned when he finds out that Leo had a fall that landed him in the hospital. Olivia reassures him that Leo just needs a tetanus shot and will be fine. Julian and Lucas get into an argument about Julian staying away from Leo. (Where is Ryan Carnes? I don't like nuLucas.)

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Julian gets into an argument with Sam about him trying to be a grandparent to her kids. Olivia also tears a strip off of Julian because today is apparently, Dump on Julian Day. 

Valentin and Martin discuss Charlotte's custody. Valentin tells Nina that he wants her to have legal rights to Charlotte. Nina agrees, but tells Valentin to make sure that Lulu is fine with it. Nina tells him about her talk with Phyllis and how she thinks she should stop the search. Valentin says she has options and not to give up so quickly. 

Willow meets with Chase and apologizes for him seeing her with Michael. Chase says he's happy for them, though admits he's sad for what they lost.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Michael that Sasha overdosed on something, but isn't sure what it was. Brando and Sonny communicate via text as to not look suspicious. Brando thinks whatever it was was stronger than cocaine. 

Cyrus calls someone to tell them that there is a problem with their product. He's ready to pull the plug on Sasha when Michael comes in and throws him out. Michael accuses Cyrus of giving Sasha the drugs. 

Cyrus complains to Sonny about Michael's mistreatment, but Sonny blows him off. Brando interrupts to drag Cyrus away. Cyrus warns Brando he will not bring anyone to the hospital the next time. 

Michael calls Willow. When she and Chase get to the hospital, Michael tells them that Sasha overdosed and is fighting for her life. 

Brook Lynn runs into Valentin and tells him that she's heading back to Bensonhurst. Valentin wishes her luck.

After he leaves, Brook Lynn pulls out a pregnancy test. Duh, duh, duh. (Ooooh, a baby that has Tracy Quartermaine as a great grandmother and Helen Cassadine as a grandmother. So soapy!!)