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Drew Barrymore Discusses Launching Talk Show in a Pandemic

Drew Barrymore had a tough task in 2020: launching a talk show amid the COVID-19 pandemic! The actress spoke to Variety about the challenges this posed and how virtual technology has saved the day.

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Since Barrymore can't be in the studio with many of her guests due to safety protocols, her team uses high-tech green screens to make it seem as if she is. Barrymore dished:

It’s so flawless, it’s insane. I still don’t understand how they’re doing it. It’s freakish. We are now incorporating shots of the green screen because nobody was getting that this was even happening. People have come on our show, and they’ve gotten calls from people that are mad, like, ‘Why did you come to New York and not call me?’ It’s so crazy.

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Barrymore was determined to be in the studio, rather than broadcasting from home, when her show debuted. She explained:

I basically kicked and screamed and said, ‘I will do this show on a street corner with a camera and me and one person. I’m not doing a home show. I don’t want to do it. I don’t like watching them.' I love what Jimmy Fallon did with his, and I thought a lot of people really rose to the occasion and did some extraordinary things. But the reason a lot of the home shows were so exciting to watch is because they were well-established. I was scared that if I started a home show, I would stay stuck there. It terrified me.

Furthermore, Barrymore wanted to keep her work distanced from her family. She noted:

I keep my kids off of social media. I don’t show them. I was honestly very anxious. I would never want to do a television show about me and my home and my children.