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Perkie's Observations: A River of Truths Flood Port Charles on General Hospital

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Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud

Michael wonders why no one noticed Sasha's drug use. Chase admits he thought something was going on, but didn't push it. Willow says Sasha was still in love with Michael. Michael thinks this was more than a broken heart and blames the stress of Deception. 

Chase and Willow discuss Sasha. Willow feels she should have told Michael that Sasha still loved him. Willow admits she didn't want Michael back with Sasha. Chase says it wasn't Willow's fault and thinks nothing Willow said would have made a difference. 

Sonny tells Carly that Sasha had an overdose, causing a heart attack. Carly heads to the hospital to talk to Michael. Michael blames himself for his behavior toward Sasha.

Cameron questions why Franco and Liz look so worried. Franco tells him about the tumor and how it's inoperable. Cameron gets upset, despite their reassurances that everything will work out.

Dev wants to hang out with Josslyn and Trina to study for the SATs, but the girls remind him he was a jerky jerk who's a jerk. Dev says Trina was just as nasty, but apologizes to both of them. The girls are not interested in his apology. Cameron shows up and doesn't understand why the girls are being so mean to Dev. He says they shouldn't waste time being mad at each other. 

Jason overhears Portia telling Britt about a teenager who died of a drug overdose. Britt seems upset, so Jason reaches out. Britt says they're seeing several drug-related patients every day. Jason wants to know about Sasha's overdose and what drugs were in her system.

Britt accuses Jason and Sonny bringing the drugs into Port Charles. Jason denies it and sings Sonny's praises . . . especially concerning Stone. Jason says Sonny has been trying to keep drugs out of PC. Britt wants to know how the drugs are coming into the city. Jason tells Britt he believes Cyrus is funneling the drugs through the hospital. Jason then asks if Britt is involved, which she denies. 

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Nikolas and Ava head to the Corinthi compound to pick up Avery. Sonny asks about Ryan and how things are better for her now. Ava says she had nothing to do with what happened to Ryan, but Sonny is still suspicious. Ava says Ryan had a ton of enemies and any one of them could have taken him out. 

Sonny reminds Ava that Ryan wanted to tell him something. He thinks it's suspicious that he was taken out before Ryan had a chance to tell him. He warns Ava there will be consequences if she lies to him, but Nikolas comes to Ava's defense. Nikolas tells Sonny that he's the one who ordered the hit on Ryan. 

Cyrus wants repayment from Julian for taking out Ryan. Julian is dismissive, but Cyrus shows him the letter from Ryan. Cyrus warns Julian that he'll give the letter to Sonny if Julian doesn't do as he wants. (Blackmailed by Nelle, blackmailed by Ryan, blackmailed by Cyrus . . . you really are a terrible criminal, Julian!)

Cyrus complains about Sonny and now he wants Julian to deal with Jason. He tells Julian he'll send him a package with an explanation on where to deliver it, depending on where Jason goes next. Julian doesn't want to do it, but Cyrus gives him no choice. Julian remembers his conversation with Sonny regarding Taggert and offers Cyrus another choice. 

Taggert, stupidly dressed as a doctor, roams the hospital, until Epiphany catches him. Taggert says someone else knows he's alive and is keeping an eye on Portia and Trina. Taggert says he's worried about Trina getting caught in a mob war. Pif mentions what happened to her son. The two commiserate and Taggert thanks Pif for helping him. She warns Taggert to leave town before he's exposed. 

Julian tells Cyrus that Taggert is alive. 

Portia updates Michael, telling him that Sasha had a heart attack and may experience withdrawal symptoms. Michael sits and talks to Sasha, apologizing for how he treated her.

Carly interrupts and tells Michael that Sasha never cheated with Chase. 

Chase admits to Willow that he never cheated on her and it was all a setup. (Well it's about flippin' time.)