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Perkie's Observations: Julian Is Torn Between Family and Cyrus on General Hospital

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Julain Jerome, General Hospital

William deVry

Laura meets with Scotty to let him know he could be in danger. She tells him that Cyrus is interested in her and Scotty could be collateral damage. Laura mentions that Cyrus is looking into a case from 40 years ago, from what she did as a kid. 

Laura says Scotty was in her life at the time and Cyrus could come sniffing around. Scotty wonders what Cyrus wants. Laura believes this is personal for Cyrus and mentions having him tossed into solitary while he was in Pentonville. 

Lulu runs into Dante on the pier and tells him that she's working on a story. Dante apologizes for interrupting her when she's with her sources. He admits he'll never stop caring about Lulu. After Lulu leaves, Dr. Kirk arrives, asking for an update. Dante says he hacked Peter's computer and has the information on a hard drive. 

Dante says he hasn't found anything that shows Peter falsified evidence against Liesl. Dr. Kirk tells him what he's found is what he needs. Dante wonders why Dr. Kirk is jeopardizing the mission. Dr. Kirk clicks his pen and Dante stops questioning him. Complete the mission. 

Lulu meets with Laura, who asks about Dante. Lulu says she loves Dustin, but is in love with Dante. 

Britt sits with and talks to Brad. She begs him to pull through since he's the only friend she has. Brad wakes up, but he's confused. Britt says someone tried to kill him, but Brad doesn't remember being attacked or why. 

Brad thinks about it, then remembers one of Cyrus' guys was showing too much interest. He doesn't understand why he would have drawn Cyrus' attention. Brad says Julian is the only one that has something on him. Brad says there is nowhere safe to go. Britt says she knows someone who can help. 

Sam and Danny are waiting for Jason to join them for lunch. They notice Alexis, who's loudly drinking with others. Sam interrupts to check on her, but then decides she's done with her. 

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Cyrus wants to chat with Alexis, but she wants nothing to do with the drug dealer. Alexis tears a strip off him for drugging Neil. Cyrus warns her not to make a scene and puts his hand on her. Jason is there to tell him to back off.

After Cyrus leaves, Alexis complains to Sam again about not understanding Neil's drug overdose. Sam backtracks and makes a plan to see Alexis at home later. Jason offers to take Danny to The Rib to learn how to play pool. A waiter takes an interest in what Jason and Sam are talking about. 

Maxie finds Peter working out at the gym. He's determined to make sure nothing bad happens to her again. Maxie reassures him that Alex isn't a threat to them anymore. Peter says there are others who are threats to them, including Jason, which surprises Maxie. 

Maxie says Jason always comes through for her and doesn't think he's a threat. Peter says the mob activity is escalating and they could be caught in the crossfire. Maxie wants to know why he's so worried lately. Peter worries about what he has to lose, but Maxie knows he'll do what he can to protect them. 

Jason tells Carly that he's working on the Cyrus issue. Carly needs to know if things are escalating so she can have time to get her kids in order. Jason explains to Carly how he's working an angle with Britt. 

Sonny reassures Taggert his eyes are on Trina and Portia for him, but worries about Julian. Carly gets home, surprised to find Taggert alive. Carly wants to know who else knows the truth. Carly says Taggert needs to be careful since Trina is always around Joss. 

Ava tells Julian about her meeting with Sonny and his suspicions of Ryan. Ava explains that Nikolas took the blame for the hit. Ava says Julian is in the clear with Sonny, but hopes Julian didn't accept help from Cyrus. 

Ava gets angry with Julian for getting into bed with Cyrus while still running away from Sonny. Ava says she loves her brother and begs Julian to let Nikolas help him get out of town. (I swear to dog if they kill off Julian, rather than have him run, I will be pissed that they are making Ava lose one more person.) As Ava leaves, Julian finds Cyrus' package on his doorstep. 

The Metro Court waiter tells Cyrus where Jason will be tonight. The waiter calls Julian to tell him to drop off the package at The Rib, where Jason is with Danny. Dante, Laura, and Lulu are also there.