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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Puts Himself In the Line of Fire to Defend Ava on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

Carly tells Michael there was no affair between Chase and Sasha. Carly explains the plan that Chase and Sasha came up with and why. Michael's upset that Carly never told him the truth. Carly says she didn't know about the plan in advance. She admits she wanted it to work. 

Michael accuses Carly of lying to him, but she says she was trying to protect Wiley. Michael says she should have told him the truth. Carly says Sasha's intentions were good. Michael says things are complicated now because of Willow. 

Willow doesn't believe Chase's story. Chase said he did it for Willow and swears he was lying about the affair. Chase says he made her hate him so she wouldn't feel badly for choosing Wiley over him. 

Chase says he didn't want her to marry Michael, but he knew Nelle would make things worse. Willow's upset that he made this decision without her knowledge and wonders why he didn't tell her the truth after Nelle's death. Chase says she created a real family with Michael and Wiley, and he didn't want to hurt her again. 

Willow wants to know why he's telling her the truth now. Chase explains that when she came to visit him after Finn was shot, it made him realize he still loves her. He wonders if her heart has moved on since he saw her with Michael.

Michael talks to Sasha and claims he understands why they did what they did. Willow listens as he tells Sasha that Wiley's life is better because of the sacrifice she made. 

Nikolas claims he put out the hit to make sure Ryan wouldn't hurt Ava again. Sonny doesn't believe it, but Nikolas insists he pulled it off. Sonny points out that Ryan hasn't died and it could still be an issue. 

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Nikolas thinks everyone will be relieved if Ryan dies. Sonny says there will be an investigation which will lead to Nikolas, and in turn, Ava and Avery. Nikolas swears the attack will never be traced back to him.

After Sonny leaves, Ava wants to know why Nikolas would lie. Nikolas says he figured Ryan's attack was likely orchestrated by Julian and this will prevent Sonny from digging deeper. He says he doesn't want to know any more than that. Nikolas tells Ava to convince Julian to disappear before things get worse. 

Britt says she could tell Cyrus what Jason told her, but Jason says he trusts her. He believes Britt is upset about the drug deaths. Jason says Cyrus is trying to gather allies, but Britt says she was only hired to be chief of staff. She wonders what Jason wants her to do about it. Jason asks her to keep an eye out for him. Britt doesn't want to help him start a war with Cyrus. Britt calls someone and asks for an entire inventory of their pharmaceutical department. 

Julian tells Cyrus that Taggert is very much alive. He and Sonny plan on taking Cyrus down. Julian says he saw Taggert and confronted Sonny. Cyrus has trouble believing it, but Julian believes this information makes them even.

Cyrus disagrees since he doesn't believe Taggert is alive. He insists that Julian needs to deal with his Jason problem. Julian refuses, but Cyrus brings up each member of Julian's family as a warning.

Julian doesn't understand why he's always getting dragged back in by people who want him to do horrible things. Cyrus says Julian keeps making deals with the devil and isn't a victim. He says actions have consequences and Julian has no one to blame but himself. Cyrus mentions that he's taken care of all the people who knew that Julian knew the truth about Wiley. 

Britt is shocked when Brad is brought into the hospital after being attacked in his cell at Pentonville.

Taggert tells Sonny that Epiphany knows he's back in town. He says he owed Pif a thank you for helping orchestrate his disappearance. Sonny says they need Pif on their side because this truce with Cyrus will end soon. 

Someone knocks on the Pub's door, so Julian pulls out his baseball bat. (Why are you still there, Julian? The minute Cyrus left, he should have packed his bag and been halfway to Mexico.)