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WATCH: Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier to Undergo Colonoscopy on The Doctors

Kevin Frazier, The Doctors

Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier is checking in with The Doctors to take part in his very first colonoscopy procedure. Frazier hopes by sharing his journey, it will motivate others to get checkups and screenings. What motivated Frazier to get one? The late Chadwick Boseman

Fraizer explains to The Doctors co-host Dr. Ian Smith that, being a man in his 50s he's never had one before, and now was the time to get his health in order and encourage African-American men to do the same. The special episode will follow Frazier from prepping for the procedure to the screening, and results will be documented. Frazier told Smith about the journey,

I’m so grateful to Dr. Ian for the gentle push to do something I should have done ten years ago. In many ways, they are helping to save my life.

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Watch Frazier discuss his decision to have the procedure below.

Frazier's episode on The Doctors will air Friday, Nov. 20. Check your local listings here.