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Perkie's Observations: Julian's Phone Triggers a Bomb on General Hospital

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The Floating Rib, General Hospital

Molly and Sam prepare an intervention for Alexis. Diane arrives with Valentin in tow. Sam's not happy, but Diane says Valentin might be able to get through to Alexis. Valentin says Alexis will feel attacked. 

Sonny thinks Dante is avoiding him because he still has issues. Dante says he's been busy with his new job, but Sonny keeps pushing. Dante says his issue is with Lulu. Sonny asks if Dante is willing to accept the new man in Lulu's life. Dante doesn't want to disrupt her life. Sonny tells him to talk to Lulu. 

Lulu tells Laura that she's never stopped loving Dante, but has started a life with Dustin. Laura says Dante is part of Lulu's past and asks who's part of her future. Lulu says she and Dustin have a solid life together, but she loves Dante. Laura tells Lulu that it might not be the right time for Dustin to move in. 

Lulu calls Dustin to meet her to discuss their relationship. She admits that Dante's return has messed with her, but she loves Dustin. Dustin says he doesn't want her to doubt his feelings and pulls out a ring box. Dustin gets down on one knee and proposes. 

Jason teaches Danny how to play pool. Danny mentions Alexis and Sam's concerns for her. Jason explains that Alexis has problems right now, but things will improve.

Cameron and Dev head to The Rib to hang out. Cameron tells Dev about Franco's diagnosis. Dev's about to tell Cameron the truth about Joss' journal when Danny spots Cameron. He invites him to play pool. 

Franco has another round of tests that confirm the tumor is inoperable. Liz is determined he'll beat this and tells him she's made an appointment with Patrick Drake. She's certain Patrick will have a plan of action. Franco admits he's scared, but Liz says they need to keep the hope. 

Cyrus runs into Julian on the pier. Julian has the bomb in a backpack and says he's not targeting a restaurant full of people with the bomb. Cyrus claims the package won't be a problem until Jason is alone in the bar. Alexis spots them chatting together. 

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After Cyrus leaves, Alexis confronts Julian, who denies doing anything with Cyrus. The two discuss her drinking issues. Julian's sorry for the pain he's caused her, which makes Alexis wonder why he sounds like he's saying goodbye to her. Alexis asks if Julian is leaving town, but he says he isn't. After Alexis leaves, Julian takes the backpack into The Rib, leaves it under a table, and heads out. 

Britt leaves a message for Jason to come to the hospital. When he returns her call, she asks to meet with him. Jason says he's with Danny and he'll meet with her tomorrow. 

Laura talks to Jason about Cyrus. He gives her the basics and tells her to talk to Sonny. Laura heads to the gym where she finds Sonny and Dante. Laura mentions to Dante that Lulu was at The Rib. 

Alexis gets to the penthouse and is not amused they're having an intervention. Alexis refuses to listen to any of them and accuses them of betraying her. Molly and Sam beg her to stay. Alexis wants to leave, but Sam says if she goes, she'll lose them all. 

Liz and Franco arrive at the Rib and Cameron apologizes for freaking out on them earlier.

Dante shows up outside the bar. 

Dev finds the backpack and tells the bartender about it.

Julian heads back to the docks and calls Cyrus. When he hits the number, the bomb explodes in the bar. 

Casualties inside the bar, unless any of them left before Julian hit the trigger: Jason, Danny, Cameron, Dev, Liz, Franco, Dustin, Lulu, and the bartender. However, Dante's right outside.