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WATCH: CBS This Morning Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Dallas' Epic Reveal

Dallas saddled up for a major anniversary. The CBS primetime sudser set the nation on fire when mogul J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) was shot...and, on Nov. 21, 1980, we finally found out whodunnit! The storyline captivated fans, so much so that CBS This Morning celebrated four decades of "Who Shot J.R.?" this past weekend.

Forty years ago, 83 million Americans watched the big reveal. What made people want to tune in? TV Guide Magazine's Matt Roush explained that the shooting just burnished the myth surrounding the already-legendary Ewing. He dished:

For him to be shot just made him even more mythic. That whole season he'd gotten worse and worse, meaner and meaner to so many people, anybody could have shot him.

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He added:

It's hard to imagine a show drawing that kind of audience, 83 million people to the TV for one night, for one episode. We just don't watch TV the same way. We just don't come together that way. I wish we did.

Reminisce with the complete segment below.